Infant Development: Your Baby's Seventh Month

As your baby reaches her seventh month of life, what new developments and progressions can you expect?

You and your baby have just passed a milestone in her development as you enter into the second part of her first year. So much has happened over the past half year as she is in the early stages of sitting up and has actually started to give you and your partner a break by sleeping through most of the night. You have probably just gotten into the groove of being a parent to your little one, especially if this is your first child. During this seventh month of your baby's life, there is so much to look forward to as you see her developing each and every day.

One very important issue that, unfortunately, many parents overlook is taking their babies to the pediatrician for well-baby visits. Even if your baby has had perfect health for the past six months, it is vital that you schedule periodic visits to her pediatrician so he/she can regularly check on your baby's development. During these visits, your pediatrician will be able to address your concerns and questions, in addition to giving your baby her required immunizations, which are crucial in protecting your baby against childhood diseases.

During her seventh month, your baby may also acquire her first baby tooth. Your baby will look adorable sporting her one white tooth during the next few months. As far as feeding is concerned, your baby will more than likely have progressed to solids by the seventh month. As she is now able to hold onto things, she will probably even be able to eat a cookie or cracker all by herself (with your supervision, of course). While your baby has progressed to solid foods, she will also still be needing her formula or breast milk (if you are breastfeeding) for the nutritional value. During this month, it may be high time to pull out that high chair you've had in storage, since your baby will probably be ready to sit up and have a "proper"sit-down meal with her mom and dad.

As your baby's arms and legs strengthen, when you place her on the floor or carpet on her belly, she will not just simply lie there as she might have been doing in the previous months. More than likely, she will be able to pick herself up off the ground with both her arms and legs until she is in a crawling position. However, she may still be too young to crawl around just yet. She may manage to start a rocking motion. If her arms and legs get too tired, you may find her creeping along in an army crawl across the living room floor.

While your baby is still easily distracted, now is the time to begin reading to her, showing her the colorful pictures in her books. Be sure to read to her in an interesting voice, so she does not lose interest right away. Let her take a look at the different pictures and point out the various shapes, animals or people in the book, saying the name out loud so she can hear. For example, you could point out a tree and say, "tree" over and over.

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