Infants And Games They Can Enjoy

Would you like your infants to play games with you? Here are some games you can play that they will be able to enjoy...

Sure you know how to play patty cake and the itsy, bitsy, spider but here are some other great games to play with your infant or toddler.

--Make puppets out of brown paper bags and put on a puppet show for them.

--Show them how to make a ramp for their cars and trucks and watch them roll.

--Make an alphabet book by cutting out pictures from magazines that represent each letter.

--Blow bubbles and give them a fly swatter to try and hit them with.

--Play "bozo buckets" with balls and buckets. See how many balls they can get into the buckets. Move them farther away as your child gets better at it.

--Fill a big plastic container with water and let them sail their boats and play in the water.

--Make an indoor obstacle course for them to crawl over with pillows blankets, laundry baskets, etc.

--If you're brave, buy some face painting crayons and let them "paint" your face.

--Let them star in their own movie by videotaping them and then playing the tape back to them on your television.

--Teach them how to stack with margarine tubs, plastic boxes, etc.

--Even young toddlers love to dance: turn on the music and let them rock!! (This is also great for tiring them out).

--Play hide and go seek...they will love to hide and have you find them.

--Give young baby "airplane" rides and watch them squeal.

--Teach your baby how to recognize different textures. Let them play with sand, play dough, etc.

--Build sand castles or let them bury you in the sand.

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