What Is Inflation And How To Beat It

What is inflation? You can beat inflation by downsizing the way you live to cut back and save money, even when prices are going up.

Everything is so high and keeps going up, but you're not making anymore money to go along with those prices. Food, gas, clothes and where you live from apartment rent to taxes on your home, is higher than what your income is. You can't save money because there is never enough money left over and you actually don't have enough for what you need for your daily living expenses. How do you beat inflation when it keeps rising and you're not making anymore money to match it?

The first thing you need to do is put your scale of living one degree below your means. Downsize your living style to match the economy. Most of us live above our means and don't realize it. If you have always gone to a full service gas station, start going to a self service. Yes, you have to pump your own gas, but you save money by doing it yourself. With the cost of gas you need to cut back since gas prices keep rising and you're not getting anymore money to go along with those prices.

Stop going to designer shops and expensive stores to buy clothes. Most of us have enough clothes and all we need to do is add on to our wardrobe, so why not shop at consignment stores or Goodwill? You will be surprised at the good things you can find there and how much fun you will have by looking for different things and never knowing what you might find, along with saving a lot of money. When you feel you need something new to wear, go there instead of a regular department store and pay the prices they are asking. You'll be getting a new outfit and saving money at the same time.

I think the place we all hate the most is the grocery store. I'm sure everyone can remember when you could get a loaf of bread for under one dollar, now with the cost of living you almost have to pay two dollars for one loaf of bread. You could spend your whole check in the grocery store as high as groceries are, if you don't shop around. Go to the bread store and buy bread there, you'll get more loaves for the price you pay for one. Of course use your coupons and go to the store when your grocery store has sales. Everything that we need in our life keep going up with inflation, except our paychecks.

Runaway prices in inflation are never going to stop. You have to learn how to be frugal to survive. It would be nice if every time inflation rose, you got a raise, but that never will happen either. You have to be the one to control your spending habits so you can match the inflation prices. Monitor what's going up that you used all the time and downsize to another product or to a lower dollar amount for that product. This way you won't be over your head with your cost of living expenses trying to maintain your life style, when inflation is rising and your dollar is not. The only way you will beat inflation is to change your life style when inflation rise to match your dollar.

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