Information On Birthstones

Information on birthstones and the description of each month's stone!

Do you know what your birthstone is? Your birthstone depends on the month of the year in which you were born. Ancient legends claim that your birthstone is your lucky stone. Many people wear bracelets, rings, or pins which contain their birthstones. A mother's ring, for example, has all of the birthstones of a woman's children on it.

While there are many lists of which stone corresponds to what month, the American National Association of Jewelers compiled a list that is used as a standard today.

If you were born in January, your birthstone is Garnet. The most common stone is a deep red color. Red garnet stones are found in the state of Arizona in the United States. Other Garnets, though, are either brown, green, or orange, depending on where they come from.

If your birthday is in February, your birthstone is Amethyst. This stone is usually as light as violet in color, or as deep as purple. The ancient Greeks wore Amethyst gems with the belief that the stone would protect them from getting intoxicated, or drunk, from consuming too much


Your birthstone is Aquamarine if you were born in March. This is a sea-blue or sea-green stone which belongs to the Emerald family of stones. However, the Aquamarine is not as precious as the Emerald.

April's birthstone is known by most everyone because of its high value as well as renowned popularity. It is the diamond--very rare and very hard. The most popular color for a diamond is clear, but they can be found in yellow, pink, green, and other colors.

The deep green Emerald is the birthstone for anyone who was born in May. It is a brittle sonte, and can be found in many different shades of green. The finest Emeralds don't come from the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, though, but rather from Columbia.

If you were born in June, then your birthstone is the pearl. Pearls are not considered to be true gems, even though they are quite valuable. The reason for this is that pearls are not mined, rather, of course, they are made by oysters. Pearls are usually white, but can also be gray, brown, or even black in color.

If you were born in the month of July, you can wear a red ruby birthstone in your jewelry. Rubies range from red to a deeper red, depending on the amount of chromium that is in each stone. The more chromium, the redder the stone will be in color.

August's birthstone is the Peridot. This is a yellowish-green stone that is found in Australia or Hawaii, among other places.

September's birthstone is a Sapphire. Sapphires are a clear corundum, but can range in colors, much like the other stones. The Blue Star Sapphire is the most popular of this type of stone.

Opal is the birthstone for the month of October. It usaally is a white color which, when turned in the light, relfects a rainbow of different colors. This makes the Opal rather unique.

November is the month to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, as well as to celebrate many end-of-the-year birthdays. People who are born in this month will have a Topaz as their birthstone. The stone ranges in color from yellow to green to blue hues.

If you were born in the last month of the calendar year, in the month of December, then your birthstone is a Blue Zircon. Zircons are clear when they are found in their original condition, but are heat-treated to change the stone to red, orange, and many other colors.

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