Information On Computer Virus Protection

Information on computer virus protection: protect your big investment by making sure your computer remains virus free. All it takes is a anti-virus program.

With so many Americans owning personal computers today, why is it that most people still don't have an anti-virus program or update their anti-virus program? You can get a free anti-virus program that is a full version with live updates at many sites on the world wide web.

If in e-mail, avoid opening up any attachments that are included. There could be viruses that were passed from their computer to yours.

If you don't know who it is that is sending you a

e-mail, don't open it. There are some viruses out there that all you have to do is read mail. Once done, you have the virus.

Computers today come from the manufacturer with anti-virus programs already installed. But if you don't enable it, it won't work.

To stay protected, do not download any programs off the internet. Go to the store and buy the full version program on CD for your computer. These programs off the internet have been downloaded so many times by other people, chances are a virus could be waiting for it's next victim.

If you happen to get a virus, run your anti-virus program immediately. Follow the instructions as to how to remove it on the screen.

You can also do maintenance on your computer to maintain the hard drive in working condition. If you use the internet more often, run the anti-virus after you are off the computer for the day.

You can tell if you have a virus not only by the warnings of your anti-virus program, but also by the behavior of your computer. If the computer screen is garbled, some programs just disappeared, you have weird messages running across the screen, chances are you have become infected. Always be on the safe side. Your computer is too costly to replace because of a virus attack.

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