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How can I recreate my home the Feng Shui way? Read this article to learn how to position items in the household to make you happy.

Feng Shui is the Art of Placement, an ancient art that has been practiced in China for millenia. The idea is to create a harmonious atmosphere in your household: to create themes for key rooms, ranging from small libraries, to meditation rooms, family room, formal living and dining rooms and so on. Looking at the Art of Placement is very important for determining how your household flows.

Interestingly enough, Applied Psychology, in particular Industrial Psychology, goes into some of the same concepts for corporations and work places. Is the lighting good or does one have to strain their eyes? Is the furniture comfortable or torturous? Is it too hot or too cold? Are there pleasent smells or noxious ones? Is it hard to work in the environment?

How much more important is our home, where we have to live and regain ourselves, to receive warmth from the home hearth, to restore our inner selves as much as anything. To enjoy our families and comradery. A place of celebration and poignant moments. Truly our home is our castle.

Feng Shui looks at how furniture is placed, mirrors and much more. Is there a free flow of energy, are there obstructions around the front doorway? While much of this may seem like a matter of belief systems, much is symbolic psychology. In some systems one finds it important to place symbols most appropriate for what you are doing in that room. So obviously a library has books, a writing desk and much more. Deciding on the color scheme should be conducive for relaxed study and contemplation. Color schemes can be very important for each room of your house reinforcing other symbolic elements. Choose colors and symbols that are meaningful for you and have an impact on your psychology, of course consulting family members who share those spaces.

Living plants are also important for a household. Not just plants but anything alive ranging from fish to animals such as birds, ferns, potted flowers and bonsai trees. Feng Shui indicates that the energy level is increased with living things in the household. Lighting and music as already briefly discussed can have a major impact on ambiance. This would include rose colored light bulbs and other enhancers of atmosphere for lighting. Chimes, fountains and waterfall are also all good ideas for improving your household environment.

Perhaps most importantly we should look at some of the psychological ramifications of decoration. Why do you keep that old clock which looks like a belly dancer with the clock in the stomach? Is is because Uncle So and So or Aunt So and So gave it to you? Do you get angry every time you look at it? Well, get rid of it. It is a negative symbol. Get rid of old pictures of past boyfriends that might cause you problems or sorrow, or past girlfriends. Consider carefully the symbols in your household and how they make you react. Most importantly remember that you are creating for yourself a place of harmony. A special sanctuary of growth and peace and enrichment for you and for those who live with you, for family, and friends. When we look at it from this perspective, then indeed we know how important is the Art of Placement for the good health of all we welcome to our homes.

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