Information on Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery

Purpose The purpose of the surgery is to use a precision laser to cut away the hemorrhoid tissue. The laser also seals off the blood vessels that supplied the hemorrhoid. Risks The risks associated with laser surgery are typical of any surgery and are normally limited to some post-operative bleeding and infection. A patient may also respond poorly to anesthesia used during surgery. Benefits Hemorrhoids in Plain English reports that the benefits of laser surgery include limited collateral damage to surrounding tissues, reduced bleeding, and increased visibility for the surgeon during the procedure. Equipment The most common type of laser used for this surgery is a neodymium-Yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser, though carbon dioxide and argon lasers can also be used. The surgical staff is also required to wear protective eye gear. Limitations Laser surgery is an effective hemorrhoid treatment, but is is not a permanent cure. To reduce or eliminate the recurrence of hemorrhoids requires dietary and lifestyle changes.

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