Information On The Libertarian Party

This article gives information on the growing third political party in america, the Libertarians.

Do you believe in freedom? Have you ever stopped to take a good look at the beliefs and ideals of the leading two political parties in the United States? If you do, you will notice how they both claim to believe in freedom, but in reality are hypocrites. The Republicans believe in freedom in economic issues, but want government to regulate personal/moral issues. The Democrats believe in freedom in personal/moral issues but want the government to get involved in economic issues.

The Libertarian Party is the only political party that believes in true freedom. They believe in freedom for economic issues and freedom for personal/moral issues. The Libertarians believe the less government, the better. Libertarians believe people should have the right to decide how best to live their lives as long as they don't harm or interfere with others' equal rights to do the same. Libertarians know that society can never agree on the best way for everyone to live their life, so they believe in letting each individual make his own decisions.

Another very important aspect to the Libertarian philosophy is personal responsibility. With freedom comes consequences for actions and decisions. If a person makes a bad decision, such as using drugs, he or she will face the consequences of that decision and must take responsibility for it.

The Republicans and Democrats both believe in taking your money in the form of taxes and then doling it out to people and causes they deem to be important, worthy, or necessary. They believe the government can solve all our country's problems. In the process, they pit Americans against each other because each American has a different opinion as to where the tax money should be spent.

Libertarians believe the government should be involved in only Constitutional functions such as a military defense. This means that our government is involved in many other activities that our founders never intended. Libertarians believe that each individual should keep the money he earns and spend it on ways he deems important. Libertarians believe that private associations and companies can do a better job of solving problems than the government can.

The libertarian party is truly for freedom and equality for everyone. No one group would get any special rights over any other group.

So, are you a Libertarian?

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