Information On Lice Removal

Nobody wants to get lice, but if you do, you want a quick easy method of lice removal. Read on...

Lice are tiny parasitic insects that thrive off the body's dead tissues. What lice do is lay eggs on the body, scalp, or pubic region, so they can reproduce and live off the body.

Lice is very contagious, but it is not a serious or life threating thing. It's more an annoyance. Good personal hygiene is a good way to avoid lice. Children are terrible about spreading lice because during the school season sharing things such as hats, clothing, brushes, and other personal items.

The only symptoms that are noticeable with lice is itching the scalp, body, or pubic regions and never having the itch go away. A constant need to scratch the area will be apparent. Sometimes the lice eggs will be visible, although they are white, sometimes clear, and could be difficult to see. The lice it self is sometimes also seen. When drying hair off with a towel, looking into the towel there might be a few visible. Lice appear to be tiny, black bugs.

Treatment for lice can be a complicated task. In order to get lice completely away from the body and the scalp, a person must wash all bedding, clothing, brushes, and any personal items that were used while infected with it. This not only needs to be cleaned, it needs to be thoroughly disinfected to make sure all of the eggs die as well. If this part of the process is neglected, the lice eggs will never die and lice will reoccur. To get rid of lice on the body, scalp, or pubic region, there are shampoos and lotions. The lice as well as the eggs will need to be combed out of the hair with a tiny comb that comes with the kit.

Body lice and pubic lice and eggs are killed with lotion. After applying it, the affected person must shower away the dead lice and eggs.

To prevent lice, good hygiene is a must. Keeping the body clean using antibacterial soaps and shampoos is a good start. Also not sharing personal items with others decreases the risks of getting lice.

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