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Where can I find information on Ludwig Van Beethoven? Read this article for his life accomplishments.

Lovers of the Arts classify classical music as the greatest benefit to enhance our culture. It is told and recognizes one of the greatest composers to be Ludwig Van Beethoven. In the midst of great recognition for his genius and talent, we sometimes overlook the man behind the scenes.

The Ancestry of Beethoven can be traced as early as the 1500's. The beginning family can be found in Flanders and Brabant (both of these regions are today a part of Belgium). He came from a very musical family.

Beethoven entered the world in 1770, but the exact date is unknown. According to history, being christened on December 17th, his birth could have been December 15th or December 16th. He had an older brother whose first name was also Ludwig.

Beethoven started his music lessons in the form of learning the piano, as early as four or five years old. His father was determined to push his young son into being another Mozart. Sometimes Beethoven could be found crying from these grueling ordeals.

At age eight it was decided that Ludwig should have more professional trainers. One of his instructors was Haydn. He studied with him for about a year. Outwardly they had a very cordial relationship, but it was known that there were problems possibly caused by professional jealousy. It is not known exactly when Beethoven became deaf. But has he grew so did his confidence as a musician.

When you listen to his music, you can feel his frustration, it almost sounds angry. Why? Could it be from the drunken abuse from his father or the fact that one of the great composers could not even hear the music he so loved and cherished.

All the answers resound in the music and the mind can only form an inspired comprehension of his emotions and thoughts.

He continued to compose until his death in 1827.

Works of Beethoven


1 OPERA "Fidelio"





The Symphonies

op.21 Symphony No. 1 in C 1800

op.36 Symphony No. 2 in D 1801-02

op.55 Symphony No. 3 in E flat "Erocia" 1803

op.60 Symphony No. 4 in B flat 1806

op.67 Symphony No. 5 in c minor 1807

op.68 Symphony No. 6 in F "Pastoral" 1808

op.92 Symphony No. 7 in A 1811

op.93 Symphony No. 8 in F 1812

op.125 Symphony No. 9 in d minor 1822

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