What Information Is Offered On Your Website?

What information is offered on your website? Carcrazycentral.com is intended to be the center of the universe for car lovers. Our new website, www.carcrazycentral.com, is packed with information for the...

Our new website, www.carcrazycentral.com, is packed with information for the car enthusiast. It is a platform which offers online broadband video streaming of television shows, radio shows, humor videos, and an entire community of people that are into any car you can think of. It will have video and humor and e-cards that are specific to car enthusiasts.

So it is fun, it's alive, it has got all sorts of information. We have daily news in partnership with Auto Week and Automotive News. Auto Week is kind of the powerhouse of our industry. Being a weekly publication, their information is much more up-to-date than monthly publications. We are going to take that one step further and take their news, combine it with all of the television and radio productions and push news to consumers every single day. There is video news as well as stories that will be uploaded from Auto Week and other magazines. We also have a radio channel that has not only Car Crazy Radio, but many other radio shows such as Car Driver, Road and Track, and Monster Garage Radio.

We (Meguiars Car Care Products) are active in over 70 countries. I have spent 40 years traveling the world and working with car guys and over the course I have developed relationships with these guys. We sponsor over 5,000 car shows in the US and another 2,000 around the world.

We are really focused on car enthusiasts and our priority with Carcrazycenter.com has moved away from selling car wax to really selling the car. We are promoting the car hobby, attracting more and more people to the car hobby, and beyond that helping everybody who is in the hobby to connect with other enthusiasts.

We intend to be the center of the universe for car lovers. There is no other place that you can go to for all this information in one place on car events, forums, news, etc.

We actually have seven channels of programming, channels for all these downloads that are free including wallpapers, screen savers, e-cards, television and radio programs. We are actually producing cartoons and jokes, even video clips very much like Saturday Night Live, and these are all on-demand streaming video.

So, if you are a car enthusiast, you can find out where other enthusiasts are in the world, where the clubs are, where the shows are, where the museums are, what the latest breaking news is.

As far as the television programming available on the site, there is a cable channel called Speed Channel which is owned by Fox and we have been on that for a lot of years. If you want to catch it, it is on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings. But you can watch years worth of our show on the website. There are thousands of hours available for free and on-demand.

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