Information On Renting Rooms Out Of Houses

Information on renting rooms out of houses. Renting a room out of a house can be cheaper. If you are planning to rent a room out of a home where someone is already living you will want to consider some factors...

If you are planning to rent a room out of a home where someone is already living you will want to consider some factors before you decide to rent. First, living out of someone's home is like having a roommate. If you are a private person, this may not be the best decision for you. Our apartment locating expert, Jerry Yelvington is a real estate agent for Avery Windsor Properties, trained and licensed in real estate and in the insurance business, says renting a room out of a house has its benefits and disadvantages.

"Usually, the rent is cheaper, and it is a more home-like environment than an apartment. Usually, you have a yard as opposed to an apartment situation. You want to definitely meet with the person extensively before you decide to rent the place. Make sure you are going to get along with each other. There are questions that can be asked and answered in a roommate situation that cannot be legally asked and answered in an apartment complex," Yelvington says.

One of the benefits of living with someone out of a home is security. If you ever have to leave the property, your housemate can always take care of your living quarters. Also, if you have pets, maybe your housemate will be willing to pet sit on days you have to go out of town.

"You can be a lot more frank and intimate in this kind of situation as opposed to an apartment complex," Yelvington says.

Another benefit of having a housemate, who owns the home, is if you ever have repair problems that need to be addressed, you don't have to make any phone calls. You can just talk to your housemate about your situation.

Developing a close relationship with this person can benefit you in many different ways. You also can use your housemate as a reference when looking for another place to live. This person will get to know how responsible and caring you are for your living quarters.

There are some disadvantages. Yelvington says if you're an extremely private person, this living situation can work against you. For example, if your housemate asks you for a favor and you're not willing to cooperate, he or she can develop the wrong impression of you. If you try to use them as a reference later, he or she can easily say you are not a cooperative tenant.

Only you know if living out of someone's house is the right choice for you. If you are a people person, Yelvington says go for it. However, you have to make sure you are respectful of your housemate's privacy as well. Remember you are renting a room out of their house. It's not a good idea to throw a party without your housemate's approval. Yelvington says as long as you can practice kindness and respect towards your housemate everything should be fine. In the end, you may just make a lasting friendship for years to come.

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