Information On Salt Water

Saltwater can be damaging to the human body.

Drinking water normally quenches my thirst. But when I drink salt water it seems to make me thirstier. The water in my mouth creates a situation in which the cells in my mouth are in a hypertonic solution (a solution which causes net water movement out of the cells and into the fluid surrounding them, causing the cells to shrink). In order to reach equilibrium, a net water movement out of the cells takes place. Now the cells have even less water than before, and you feel even thirstier. If you put a potato in salt water for 24 hours,it will go from the weight of 104 g to the weight of 92 g in only 24 hours, showing that something was obviously moving out of it. The NaCl created a hypertonic solution within the potato, forcing the water out of it.

A potato placed in regular tap water seemed to actually take on water, 7 grams of it. If humans lived in salt water they would literally have the moisture sucked out of their body. When you take into account that the human body is approximately 60% water- this water is most certainly needed for survival. The brain itself is composed of 70 percent water, blood is 55 percent water, lung tissue is nearly 90 percent water, and skeletal muscle is 75 percent water. Studies show that a 3 percent loss in total body-water will cause fatigue and could pose serious malfunctions. A 10 percent loss of body-water is serious enough to be life threatening. Our potato went from 104 g of "body" fat, to only 92 g. Imagine this water's effect on humans!

Humans cannot live in salt water due to its ability to draw moisture out of cells, causing extreme dehydration.

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