Information On Treatment Cures And Home Remedies For Head Lice

Information on treatment cures and home remedies for head louse/lice.

You do your best as a parent to make sure your child learns and practices good hygiene. You make sure that your child's hair is always clean and well groomed. Then it happens. You receive a call from the school informing you that your child has head lice. You begin to say "My kid's clean, we live in a good area, how can my kid have lice?" First thing to remember is that having head lice is not a "dirty person" thing. Lice see no economic or social differences in their hosts. They can infest people of all ages, groups, social and economic status. Lice actually prefer clean hair because their nits can stick to cleaner hair better than oily. Lice do not fly or jump. They are spread by direct and indirect contact with an infected person.

The best way to avoid catching head lice is very simple. Teach your child to never share any personal items like combs, brushes, clips, barrettes, hair bands, bandanas, hats, scarves, towels or anything that can come in contact with your head. Never make head to head contact with another person. For girls with long hair, wear hair tied back to prevent hair from brushing up against other people. Something people rarely think about is that they put themselves at risk of contracting lice when they try on hats and other headwear in stores. Never try on hats or any headwear while at the store.

To prevent the spread of head lice, if you or another family member becomes infected make sure to avoid contact with other people until after hair is treated and all live bugs and nits are gone. This may mean missing school or work, so treatment should be done immediately after discovering an infection. It may seem embarrassing to some, but always let others that have been in contact with the infected person know that they may have been exposed and could be infected. That way all people can take precautions to avoid re-infestation.

To treat lice, you will need to purchase head lice shampoo or lotion that kill lice and nits can be bought from your pharmacist. No prescription is needed for most preparations. A prescription may be needed if your health insurance covers lice treatments. Follow the product instructions carefully.

Don't treat if there is a skin allergy or scalp infection. Consult your doctor if this is the case.

Keep eyes well protected while treating the hair. Use a rolled up towel to cover eyes on younger children.

Make sure the preparation covers all hair including the fine hairs just below the hairline and sideburns

Leave the preparation on for no longer than the directions recommend. Hair length and thickness has nothing to do with the effectiveness and leaving it on longer than needed can cause damage to hair and can actually make a person ill.

Wash all combs, brushes and headwear in hot water.

Remove all the nits from the hair shaft. Some preparations kill the nits along with the live bugs, but most schools will not allow a child to return to class until all nits are gone. Also nothing works 100 percent. Leaving nits can lead to re-infestation. You can remove the nits using your fingernails, or by using a nit comb. These can be purchased at any pharmacy, but most lice treatment kits come with a nit comb.

To prevent re-infestation, you will need to wash all clothes, bedding and other items that the infected person came in contact with. Spray mattresses and non-washable materials with lice killing spray. Don't forget to treat cloth upholstery in your automobile if there has been recent contact with it. All stuffed toys and other things that you aren't able to wash and you won't need for a while can be securely sealed in a plastic garbage bag. Keep the items in there for at least 3 weeks. This will allow for all lice to die off. Vacuum all carpeting and dispose of the bag contents outside of the house.

Repeat the treatment after 7 days to kill any lice and nits that may have survived the first treatment. Lice are not always easy to treat, but are very easy to prevent.

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