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Xenical, a fat blocker, blocks 30% of your fat calories. Users lost 10% body fat in clinical trials but there are unpleasant side effects.

The medical industry has touted the weight loss drug, Xenical, as the miracle diet drug of the millenium. It's known as a fat blocker, blocking thirty per cent of your incoming fat calories and sweeping it back out of your body. But is it a miracle? Read this article and decide for yourself. Not everyone can take Xenical and there are unpleasant side effects.

First of all, Xenical was invented for people needing to lose large amounts of weight - not the cosmetic five or ten pounds loss that will get you back in your favorite size six slinky dress. Patients must be at least thirty pounds overweight for doctors to prescribe this drug. Xenical is great for those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease and lower blood pressures have been recorded as a result of patients in monitored studies.

We all know when we eat too much our bodies store the excess fat. Enzymes in the digestion system known as lipases break up stored fat. Xenical attaches itself to the lipases and keeps it from making the fat something your body wants to store, thus preventing it from becoming a permanent part of you. The body gets rid of fat through the colon, manifested as bowel movements and it's goodbye fat.

There are definite rules for taking Xenical that must be observed on a daily basis:

1 - Make sure your daily fat intake isn't any more than thirty percent fat or you may trigger a side effect. More on the side effects later in this article.

2 - Spread your intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates evenly out over your three meals and snacks.

3 - If you're taking a multi-vitamin, Roche Laboratories, the maker of Xenical, recommends it be taken two hours before or after taking Xenical. Consider taking your vitamin at bedtime. Most multi-vitamins work with fat in their absorption process and a fat blocker, such as Xenical will inhibit the way your tablet dissolves. Roche also recommends your multi-vitamin contain vitamins D, E, K and beta carotene.

4 - Regular physical activity such as a daily walking program is essential but be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.

You'll still need loads of willpower. This is not the Fairy Godmother/magic wand/diet pill so many would sell their soul for. Your undying commitment to diet success is still required.

Here comes the downside. As indicated above, don't consume more than thirty percent of your calories in fat. Intense gas pains may occur if this rule is not followed and you may experience the inability to control bowel movements. Along with those gas pains comes the very real possibility of an oily discharge. Some patients have also noted in an increased number of bowel movements after taking Xenical.

It's been noted after taking Xenical for one year in clinical trials, users lost up to ten percent of their body fat. This was accomplished by also using, in tandem, a reduced calorie diet and daily exercise.

So - now that you know the full story about Xenical - is it all worth it? Could be. What have you go to lose?

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