Information On Zeus, The Greek God Of Mythology

Here is information on Zeus, the Greek god of mythology. Learn about this revered and feared figure...

Thousand of years ago many people believed in a god named Zeus. He was considered to be the god of the sky and weather and his image appeared on most Greek coins. The people of Greece worshipped this idol as their god. Zeus became one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Phidias, a famous Greek sculptor and his laborers carved a giant statue of Zeus in a special workshop behind the temple. It was made entirely of ivory and gold (Chryselephantine). When finished it sat in the temple on an elaborate throne along with sculptures and paintings of Greek myths and legends. Zeus was the most celebrated statue of ancient times because of its greatness, charm and worth.

Zeus held a scepter with an eagle on top in its left hand and a winged goddess of Victory (Nike) in its right hand. The flesh was made of ivory with gold drapery covering the image. The Olympians declared Zeus their protector and claimed he presided over the gods on Mt. Olympus in Thessaly.

Once every four years the Olympians held a festival including games to honor their god. Today nations still meet for the Olympic games but not to honor Zeus. The ability of the athletes themselves are considered and rewarded.

Legend tells that Zeus was the youngest son of the Titans, Cronus and Rhea. He overthrew his father, Cronus and drew lots with his two brothers, Poseidon and Hades to see who would take Cronus' place. Zeus won and became the supreme ruler of the gods. His weapon was a thunderbolt and he generally showed compassion but handed out severe punishment to the wicked.

Zeus had a number of wives who bore him many children.

1. Metos (wisdom)- was his first wife and she bore Athena.

2. Themis - bore Dike, Eirene, Eunomia, Horae, and Fates.

3. Titaness - bore nine children who became the Muses.

4. Leto - bore the twins, Appolo and Artemis.

5. Hera - became his permanent companion.

Zeus was known for having numerous affairs with mortal women producing even more children including Hercules.

The giant statue of Zeus is long gone but we still have an idea of what it looked like because men wrote descriptions of it and artist drew pictures. Today, many artists have made models of the image of Zeus and we have a fairly clear concept of what it must have looked like.

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