Ingrown Toenail Cure

Try these ingrown toenail cures and learn how to prevent them.

Let me first explain that I'm writing this review through experience, and not just through research. I had the great joy of experiencing the excitement involved in having an ingrown toenail a short time ago.

Now, just what is an ingrown toenail? An ingrown toenail is where your nail grows into the skin, instead of above the skin. Probably the most common area of this problem occurs on the big toe (that's where mine was).

Why, oh why do I have an ingrown toenail? Although you can usually prevent having this problem, anyone can develop an ingrown nail. Generally, the problem arises because of bad grooming. People will cut their toenails at a curve, instead of straight across. When you trim the nail at an angle, the nail will tend to grow toward the skin which eventually develops into a disaster. Ingrown toenails can also occur through injuries, such as, stubbing your toe. People should avoid cutting their nails too short, and steer away from wearing tight shoes that push the nail into your skin.

How do I know if I have an ingrown toenail? The main symptoms include pain around the nail, swelling, and redness. You can usually see or feel the nail cutting into your skin. The pain generally gets worse as the nail grows further into the skin which means treatment should be applied soon.

How do I get rid of my ingrown toenail? Now, if you feel that your ingrown nail is developing into a serious infection, you may want to go to the local doctor (You should probably attend the doctor if the pain turns severe or if a great deal of pus begins to develop). They will surely be able to treat you with medicine or surgery. But there are other ways to treat the problem which is the way I decided to go. I'd heard that loosening the skin around the nail would allow you to slip the nail out for cutting. You can loosen the skin by soaking your foot in hot water for a few minutes. Wait until the skin begins to prune which will allow you to move the skin away from the nail. Push the skin away from the nail, and take a pair of scissors and begin to trim the nail back to its original size. Another way to loosen the skin, is to take a lemon and place it onto your toenail for a good bit of time. The citrus in the lemon will turn your skin into a flexible piece of jelly. That's what worked best for me. You can also place things under the nail to hopefully push the nail out of the skin, until you can finally trim the nail. It is always best to get medical advice from your family doctor.

If you're reading this, and realized that you've never had an ingrown toenail count yourself lucky. They are a painful problem that many people experience. Now let me end by saying a few words on prevention. Proper grooming is always a main concern. Don't trim your nails too short or round, and avoid wearing tight shoes. It's hard to avoid stubbing your toe, but by all means try to be safe.

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