Where to Insert the CD in a Gateway Desktop Computer

By Amanda Dickerson

  • Overview

    As technology has changed, so have the options available on desktop computers. Some of the early models of Gateway computers did not have a standard built-in CD drive. With the development of DVD technology, some computers have only a DVD drive and no CD drive. For these computers, an external CD drive can be bought and plugged into the computer. The majority of Gateway desktop computers have a built-in CD drive.
    • Step 1

      Determine whether your Gateway computer has a built-in CD drive. Look at the front of the computer tower, which is the processor for your computer. The CD drive will be labeled. Look for the words "Compact Disc." It most likely will be a recessed imprint rather than painted on, so you may have to look closely to see the words. Some drives can read both CDs and DVDs and may have both labels present. If you don't have a CD drive on the tower, you will not be able to play CDs unless you get an external drive.
    • Step 2

      Turn on your computer. Once you have located the CD drive from the label, you must have the computer turned on before you can insert the CD.

    • Step 3

      Press the small button on the CD drive. This will automatically make the CD tray extend from the tower.
    • Step 4

      Place the CD inside the indent of the CD tray. Make sure the printing on the CD is on the top.
    • Step 5

      Press the button on the CD drive again. The tray will slide back into the Gateway computer tower. You can now insert the CD and use it.
  • Skill: Easy

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