What Are Inspirational Figurines Made From?

What are inspirational figurines made from? Many inspirational figurines and nativity scenes are made from a child proof porcelain or polymer to preven breakage. Inspirational figurines can be made from...

Inspirational figurines can be made from almost any material. Common media are marble, china, polymer, crystal, jade, and wood. The artist chooses the medium based on personal preference, design, availability of materials, desired properties and intended use.

For delicate items, porcelain or china may be used. Polymer is sturdy, shows detail well and is very durable. In some parts of the world, figurines are crafted from clay, or hand carved from local materials, like wood, marble, jade, or turquoise.

When purchasing inspirational figurines, consider where in your home the item will be displayed. You may want to display something special in your formal living area, or as a centerpiece for your formal dining table. For this purpose, bone china, crystal, jade, or hand blown glass
will add elegance, beauty and interest to any display.

For the family room or kitchen, pewter or a zinc alloy can provide a less formal display, but one that can withstand the rigors of handling and accidental dropping by children and visitors.

Marble, terra cotta or another ceramic would fit well in an entryway.

For a wall shelf, you may want to consider iron works, ceramics, or polymer. Save your more delicate crystal and glass items for a protective display case.

When considering holiday displays, choose a medium that holds detail well after many years and stores well, yet is beautiful enough to become a family heirloom or keepsake. Ceramic, wood, and polymer would be good choices.

Durability is crucial if the item is to accent a garden, yard or walk way. The elements will take their toll on figurines displayed outdoors.

Many garden figurines, such as angels, are crafted in plaster, ceramic, stone or marble because these materials can withstand the rigors of outdoor display. Nativity sets intended for garden or yard display and out door statues of the Blessed Mother are often made from polymer because the details don't fade in the sun.

Intended purpose of the item is also an important consideration. Nativity scenes are often played with by the children of the home. You need something durable, but you don't want to lose detail in the workmanship.

In this case, Steve Shadrick, Vice President of Consumer Marketing and Judith Vap, Marketing Communications Manager for Inspirations.com suggest, "We choose polymer because it shows detail beautifully, and
because kids will have the hands-on experience of setting up a nativity collection without fear of breakage."

Another good choice for children would be wood. It's light, sturdy and safe for even small children. Figurines designed for children could be used to teach various events of the Bible; for example, there are several good Noah's Ark figures intended for play. Make sure all paints are non toxic if the figures are to be used by children.

Attention to details like craftsmanship, casting materials, paints, durability and elegance will ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your inspirational figurines. Chosen wisely, they will transform themselves into treasured and heartfelt additions to your collection and provide a lifetime of use.

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