How To Install Decorative Corbels

Corbels are both functional and decorative. When installing them, it is important to make the corbels level and firmly secured to the wall.

Corbels are both functional and decorative. Whether you plan to install corbels to create a ledge, a shelf, or to display vases, lamps, etc., there are a few things to keep in mind:

It is important that the corbels are securely attached to the wall. The top of the corbels, or the surface of the shelf, should protrude from the wall at a 90 degree angle. It is also important that a level line is used to place and install the corbels. Doing these two things will prevent objects from falling of of the corbels, or shelving. Finally, know that corbels designed for use in the home are not made to support very heavy objects.

Here are several tools needed for the installation of corbels:

a tape measure

a stud finder

a level

a drill

appropriate screws

a screwdriver

erasable chalk, or pencil

If the corbels are to be installed between wall studs, hollow-wall anchors are needed to secure them. An explanation of this can be found below.

Stand back from the wall where you will install your corbels. Decide how high or low you want to place them. If you are installing corbels beneath cabinets, decorative moldings, or other elements, make sure to allow room for the corbel, a shelf, and any items that would be placed on top. If you are mounting the corbels to studs, use a stud finder to locate them.

Use erasable design pencil or chalk to mark where the corbels will be installed. This way, adjustments can be made witout leaving pencil marks on the walls. With your arm extended to your desired placement level, walk forward and mark the spot, then step back and examine it. This line will be the top of your shelving, or the top of your corbels. Make adjustments, if needed.

You will want to use a level to achieve accurate placement of your corbels. This is especially crucial if you are installing a ledge, or a shelf. Create a level line at the spot that you have marked with chalk or pencil. Next, measure the span of your corbels and shelving, and draw this length onto the wall.

Look at the back of one of the corbels and examine the vertical key holes. Measure the distance between these key holes. Take this measurement and mark out corresponding points on the wall, at the level line that you have drawn.

If the corbels will be attached to studs, obtain screws with threads long enough to tie securely into the studs. Drill pilot holes that correspond to the positions of the key holes holes. Use a bit that is slightly smaller than the screw. Next, insert the screw into the pilot hole, using a screwdriver. Pliers may help if screwing becomes difficult.

For installation between studs, attach hollow-wall anchors. hollow-wall anchors will provide stable insertion points. Without using hollow-wall anchors to hang a moderately heavy object between wall studs, the object could fall from the wall, ripping out pieces of the wall as it falls.

Insert the screws into the hollow-wall anchors, position the corbels, and attach them to the wall.

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