How To Install A Heated Toilet Seat

Information about installing a heated toilet seat.

Nature likes to call us when we are deep into a winter slumber. A sleepy walk to the bathroom results in shocked squeals as we sit down onto a cold toilet seat. Sleep becomes the furthest thing from our minds as we rub our chilled rear end. But there is an available remedy to the chilly toilet seat, install a heated toilet seat instead

Heated toilet seats are enjoying a recent popularity boost; especially in areas subjected to the winter winds and snow. Frequently warm regions are also installing the warm seats as their homes are subjected to the icy blast of an air conditioning unit.

There are many manufacturers of the heated toilet seats so be sure to pick one that fits within your budget. Installation is, basically, the tightening of two screws but your seat will also need an electrical outlet nearby. The electrical outlet will be the hardest part of the installation but should not present too much of a challenge. You will need a GFCI, also known as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet, installed behind the toilet if you want to use a heated toilet seat. Building code requires a GFCI receptacle to be installed where there is water. If you have numerous receptacles near water you will only need to install GFCI at the first receptacle in the series. Check your local building codes for the specifications for your area. As always, if you are unsure of the correct way to properly install a GFCI receptacle, be sure to hire a professional.

Attach the heated toilet seat, by simply, removing your old toilet seat, and set the new onto the rim of the toilet. Using the wing nuts supplied with the toilet seat, secure the toilet seat to the rim of the toilet by threading the small bolts through the holes. Tighten the nuts so the seat is securely in place and does not slip to one side or the other. Plug the toilet seat into the 110-volt outlet and your heated toilet seat is ready to go.

The seat, when in use, will only consume around 15 watts, less than what is necessary to power a small light bulb. The entire surface of the toilet seat will warm to 30 degrees above room temperature providing a very cozy seat for one to conduct their business. A nice feature on the heated toilet seat is a built in on/off switch. If the room was at a reasonable temperature the seat can be turned off or maybe you are leaving for an extended period of time, and need the seat's power to be turned off. Either way, a heated toilet seat should be considered an efficient, and simple to use addition, to any bathroom.

Depending on the features you add, a remodeled bathroom can be a costly venture. But if you are going to remodel you might as well take the time and install a GFCI receptacle while everything is being moved around and remodeled. A heated toilet seat would be an attractive and warming addition to any bathroom, and during those late winter nights, your body would surely appreciate it.

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