How to Install HP Printer Cartridges

By Donna Thacker

  • Overview

    New HP printers come with thorough instructions about changing the cartridges. If you purchase a used one without a manual, trying to figure out how to change the cartridge can be very frustrating. Different models of HP printers use a variety of cartridges, both in size and in how many cartridges it uses. Some have all-in-one cartridges, while others have individual cartridges for every color. While the number of cartridges may differ, most of them are changed in a very similar manner.
    How to Install HP Printer Cartridges
    • Step 1

      Determine the type of cartridge your printer needs and purchase refills. HP printer cartridges will list the printer models they are for on their packages. Have new ones on hand before your printer runs out of ink, leaving you unable to print at all.
    • Step 2

      Most HP printers either have a front access panel, or the entire scanner bed may lift up. The new cartridge box should tell you which way yours will work. Either lift the scanner bed, or raise the panel in the front of the printer. For HP printers that have the front access panel: the panel raises from the bottom by pulling it out towards you and up. Opening this panel causes the printer to move the cartridges into a center position so they are easily accessible.

    • Step 3

      To access other types of HP printer cartridges, you need to lift the entire scanner bed. The back is hinged. Lift from the front, and the scanner bed will come up and stay in position to give you easy access to the cartridges.
    • Step 4

      Remove the old cartridges, by either gently pulling them, or lifting the tab closures from over them, depending on what model HP printer you have. Replace the old cartridge with a new one, being careful to snap it into place, or close the tab holders.
    • Step 5

      Close the front access panel, or lower the scanner bed back into place. Depending on the model of HP printer, it will either automatically align the new cartridges, or you may have to do it manually.
    • Step 6

      To manually align the printer cartridge, you need to print the alignment sheet when your computer prompts you to do so. Place the alignment sheet on the scanner bed. The printer will scan, and your computer screen will tell you that alignment is complete.
  • Skill: Easy
  • Tip: For printers with front access doors, replace the cartridge by angling it into place, bottom first, and then gently snap it into place.
  • Warning:
  • Dispose of old cartridges properly. Recycle if possible

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