How to Install a Lexmark 1240 Printer

By Christopher Capelle

  • Overview

    The Lexmark 1240 is an ink jet printer, which is extremely competitively priced ($49.99), and a good choice for light print jobs. It is connected via a USB cable, and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. There is also a higher end version of the Lexmark 1240, the Lexmark x1240, which has the same print specs, but adds copier and scanner functionality.
    How to Install a Lexmark 1240 Printer
    • Step 1

      Unpack the printer from the box, remove all packing material (cardboard, foam, tape) from the printer.
      My new printer is here!
    • Step 2

      Plug the printer into an outlet, turn it on, and install the ink carts. Make sure the ink carts are seated properly in the printer.
      Installing the drivers is easy

    • Step 3

      Connect the USB cable to the printer and your computer and turn the computer on.
      USB Cable: Not included in the price
    • Step 4

      Insert the driver CD once the computer is booted up. If you don't have the CD, or your CD drive isn't functioning, download the drivers from
    • Step 5

      Install the drivers. For Windows users, the CD should autolaunch. If it doesn't, access it by opening My Computer under the Start menu. Mac users will see the CD icon on the desktop. Open the disk, double clicking on the installer, and the process will begin.
      The "Print & Fax" settings in Mac OS X.5
    • Step 6

      Reboot the computer when the installer is finished. To verify that the printer and software was correctly installed, Windows users should open the control panel, open Printers and Faxes to see the printer. Mac users should open System Preferences, select the Print & Fax icon, and the printer will be listed there.
      Printers and Faxes setting in Windows
    • Step 7

      Set the Lexmark 1240 as the default printer. By enabling "Printer Sharing," other users on the same network can also access the printer, as long as your computer is powered on.
      Use only Lexmark OEM ink carts
  • Skill: Moderately Easy
  • Ingredients:
  • USB Cable
  • Driver CD-ROM (or Internet access)
  • Paper
  • Tip: The Lexmark 1240 isn't suited for extremely heavy use.
  • Tip: Never buy an extended warranty with a printer that is this inexpensive.
  • Tip: Replacing the ink carts is almost the cost of the printer.
  • Warning:
  • This printer does not include a USB cable or paper.
  • Avoid third party and refurbished ink cartridges.

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