How to Install a Lexmark 2400 Series Printer

By Christopher Capelle

  • Overview

    The Lexmark 2400 is a dot-matrix color printer designed for printing forms. It allows users to print forms of multiple thicknesses, up to a 6-part form. It uses "tractor feed" paper (the form paper, with holes on the sides), although it does have a manual-feed feature. Unlike most printers sold today, the 2400 series uses a ribbon, not ink carts. It connects to a computer via either a USB or parallel connector.
    How to Install a Lexmark 2400 Series Printer
    • Step 1

      Take the printer out of the box and remove all wrappers, cable ties and packing material. This includes the tape that keeps the components stable while shipping. Put the cables, ribbon cart and CD-ROM aside.
      The 2400 series uses tractor-feed paper.
    • Step 2

      Attach the A/C cable and turn on the printer. The on/off switch is on the right side of the printer, toward the back. Open the wrapper on the printer ribbon, snap it into place and confirm that it is properly seated.
      The user's guide

    • Step 3

      Attach the paper-feed tray, load paper into the paper tractor feed, and open the paper output.
      Loading the paper
    • Step 4

      Connect the printer to the computer with the USB or parallel cable. Then turn on the computer.
      The panel on the front of the printer
    • Step 5

      Install the drivers from the CD, which will run automatically. Restart your computer upon completion. If you're not able to use the CD, download drivers by following the link in Resources.
      Adjusting for thick forms
    • Step 6

      Confirm that the printer is working by printing a test page.
      Use only Lexmark-branded ribbons.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • USB or parallel cable
    • Tractor feed paper
    • Tip: Unless you're printing forms constantly, it's best not to set the 2400 as the default printer.
    • Warning:
    • All tractor-feed printers are susceptible to paper jams, so constantly check for ripped paper inside.
    • Use only Lexmark brand ribbons.

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