How to Install Lexmark Ink Cartridges

By Yuurei Serai

  • Overview

    You just recently purchased a new printer and you can't wait to use it. The printer is plugged in and the proper software is installed. Now there's one more step to complete: installing the ink cartridges.
    • Step 1

      Turn the Lexmark printer on. Once the printer is on, open the front panel.
    • Step 2

      Make sure the ink cartridge trays move to the center of the printer. This should happen automatically. If the trays don't move, check to make sure the printer is turned on and that all plugs are securely in their sockets. Once plugs are securely in place, open the front cover again. The cartridge trays should now center themselves.

    • Step 3

      Push down on the levers that stick out from the cartridge trays. The levers are blue and located toward the top front side of the cartridge trays. Press down gently so the covers on top of the trays will open.
    • Step 4

      Remove the Lexmark ink cartridge from its packaging. You may notice that there is a protective tape across the cartridges ink jets. This tape protects your cartridge from exploding in the box. You may now remove this tape.
    • Step 5

      Hold your ink cartridge with the letters and numbers on top. This is how the cartridge will go into its holder.
    • Step 6

      Place the Lexmark ink cartridge gently into the holder and press down until you hear it snap into place. The cartridge is now installed. Close the front panel.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Lexmark ink cartridges
    • Lexmark printer
    • Tip: Make sure you have the right ink cartridges for your Lexmark printer. In the Lexmark users' manual, there is a list in the back that shows you what ink cartridges are compatible to your Lexmark printer.
    • Tip: Purchase replacement cartridges in advance. If you need to print something and you run out of ink, you will always have replacement cartridges handy.
    • Warning:
    • When putting the ink cartridge in the tray, do not press too hard. You risk cracking the tray. Be gentle.

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