How to Install a Refurbished Printer Cartridge on an HP Printer

By John Stevens

  • Overview

    Unfortunately, printer cartridges do not have an infinite supply of ink. The more the printer is used, the greater the frequency that the printer's ink cartridges will have to be replaced. New printer cartridges are readily available at most major office-supply retailers, but new printer cartridges are not cheap. Thankfully, refurbished printer cartridges are a readily available alternative to purchasing new cartridges. Refurbished cartridges cost less than new cartridges and are just as efficient. Learn the proper steps to install a refurbished printer cartridge on an HP printer.
    • Step 1

      With the printer turned on, open the printer's cover to expose the ink cartridges by lifting up on the printer's cover.
    • Step 2

      Wait for the printer cartridges to automatically move to the center of the printer.

    • Step 3

      Lift the latches on each ink cartridge housing by gently pushing down on the front of each latch and pulling forward.
    • Step 4

      Remove the old ink cartridges (if applicable) by lifting them out of their housings.
    • Step 5

      Remove the protective tape from the refurbished printer cartridges. The protective tape covers the cartridge's electrical contacts. Take care not to touch these contacts.
    • Step 6

      Insert the refurbished black ink cartridge into its housing by carefully pushing the cartridge toward the back of the cartridge housing and down. The label located on the top of the refurbished cartridge must be facing you.
    • Step 7

      Repeat step 7 for the refurbished color ink cartridge.
    • Step 8

      Close each ink cartridge latch by pulling the latch down and then pushing the front of the latch towards the back of the printer.
    • Step 9

      Close the printer's cover.
    • Step 10

      Press the "Enter" button located at the top of the printer one time to align the cartridges. The printer is now ready to print.
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