How to Install a Stair Lift

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  • Overview

    The installation of a stair lift will make it possible for disabled individuals to navigate multi-story residences. Without a stair lift, individuals with physical challenges and disabilities are often confined without access to upper levels and lower levels of a residence. In some instances, the stair lift is essential for disabled persons who can walk but have problems with climbing stairs. Choosing and installing the proper stair left for any residence should be contingent upon a number of factors. One of the primary considerations should be the frequency of use. Determine the weight capacity of the stair lift and the size of the chair. The average stair lift can operate with weights up to 350 lbs. Installing a stair lift for a person confined to a wheelchair should consider how smoothly the person transfers from the stair lift to a wheelchair at the top or bottom of the stair lift.
    • Step 1

      Unpack the boxes and organize the components according to where they will be installed. Some components will be installed at the top of the stairs, and other components will be installed at the bottom of the stairs.
    • Step 2

      Attach the brackets to the track channels. The bottom track should be installed first, then the middle, and then the top track.

    • Step 3

      Fasten the track brackets onto the channel, and place the lower bracket onto the bottom of the stairs. Tighten by hand only when fastening the bolts on the track bracket to the channel. Join the track sections with the splice bars. Make sure the screws do not protrude past the splice bar.
    • Step 4

      Slide the upper splice bar to the lower splice bars. Tighten the splice bars, and make sure the brackets are secure.
    • Step 5

      Install the seat after the track has been tested and moves smoothly up and down the stairs.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Allen wrenches
    • Open-end wrenches
    • Flat-head screwdrivers
    • Phillips-head screwdrivers
    • Electric or cordless drill with multiple sockets

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