How To Install A Trampoline Enclosure For Safety

Installing a trampoline enclosure can be successfully done if the instructions are followed.

When installing a trampoline enclosure, be sure there are enough adults to help with this project. This will take 2-3 adults in good physical condition and will require that they wear proper shoes and maintain their balance in order to prevent a fall and or an injury. Remember, following all manufacturer's instructions and warnings will prevent serious injuries. After locating the volunteers to help install the trampoline enclosure, it is time to begin the installation. The first step is to look at the materials list that should be included with the enclosure and insure that all the parts are included and gathering up any tools needed.

After checking the materials list and gathering the tools, the next step is to slide the upper poles onto the lower poles, aligning the set screw holes. Insert the small set screws and tighten them. Repeat this procedure for the remaining poles, then place 2 foam tubes over the all the pole assemblies, starting from the upper pole.

After finishing the poles, lay out the safety enclosure mesh with the middle tie straps facing up. The entrance pole must be determined among the pole assemblies and placed on the end of the mesh. The remaining poles are placed at the middle tie strap locations, making sure the lower part of the pole assemblies are at the bottom straps. Pole caps are placed at the top of each pole assembly and finger boltholes are aligned with foam tubes pushed up snug in the caps, leaving no gaps. Beginning at the entrance pole, place the strap with the eyelet over the hole in the pole cap bottom and align all holes. Pole cap finger bolts are inserted and tightened. Insert the cap bottom through eyelet loops at the top of the mesh for the remaining poles. Align holes, insert finger bolts and tighten. Three sets of entrance pole tie straps, identified by having 2 separate straps sewn together at the same location, should be tied in a knot, securely around the pole. The remaining poles will have the middle pole straps tied in a knot around them.

Now, starting at the opposite end from the entrance pole, gather the mesh along with the attached poles, and carry them to the entrance site of the trampoline. There should be at least one person to hold the gathered mesh and poles. Bring the entrance pole to the left leg of the trampoline and hold it in place while placing a U-bolt around the pole and the leg. While pointing the bolt ends toward the middle of the trampoline, attach the bracket and tighten both nuts evenly. The remaining poles are attached to alternating legs, working clockwise, until the entrance area is reached.

Lift up the trampoline pad at the entrance pole, and tie the bottom set of straps to the trampoline top rail. Repeat this step until all the straps have been tied to the trampoline's top rail. When finished, replace the pad. Stretch the remaining portion of mesh over to the entrance pole, where both ends of the mesh have a strap at the top. Now pull these mesh ends tightly together and wrap one top strap around the pole cap two times under the finger bolt. Top straps are tied together tightly in a knot. The next sets of straps are to be tied together in a knot, and then the remaining straps are to be tied in tight bow ties. The safety place card is attached to the mesh with a nylon tie at the entrance of the safety enclosure.

To enter the trampoline, untie the bowties and crawl to the center of the pad. A responsible adult must retie the bow ties securely before allowing any one to jump on the trampoline.

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