How Do I Install V CAST Software?

By Meaghan Ellis

  • Overview

    VCAST is music software created by Verizon Wireless as a way to bridge the gap between music and modernized cellular technology. The software allows you to search among millions of songs. It also enables you to download and listen to the music on your cellular phone and computer. Installing the VCAST software is relatively easy as long as you have a compatible phone.
    How Do I Install V CAST Software?
    • Step 1

      Exit all windows on your computer screen. This ensures that there are no installation glitches and that the software installs properly.
    • Step 2

      Insert the VCAST installation disc. The "Verizon Wireless V CAST Music" screen should pop up. The driver's personalized title should be the model name and number of your handset. Click "Install USB Drivers." It should indicate that the USB Drivers have been installed. Click OK. The screen should close and send you back to the "Verizon Wireless V CAST Music" page.

    • Step 3

      Click on "Set Up V CAST Music." The "InstallShield Wizard" should show up. Click "Next." Accept the terms of the agreement license and click "Next." The "Destination Folder" should appear. It will give you a predestined location but you can change this location if you choose. Once you have decided where you would like to place the folder, click "next." The next screen will ask if you'd like to create a shortcut under the start menu for V CAST and a desktop icon. Choose what you'd like to create and click "Install."
    • Step 4

      When the Windows Media Player 10 appears, the "Supplemental End User License Agreement will appear as well. Click "I Accept" to continue installing. The InstallShield Wizard should show that the installation is complete. Click "Finish" to close the installation.
    • Step 5

      The Verizon Wireless V CAST Music screen should reappear for the last time. Select "Step 3 - Set Up V CAST Music Skin." When the Windows Media Player 10 download is complete, click "Close." Click "Exit" when the final V CAST screen appears.
    • Step 6

      Windows Media Player 10 should now appear. Click "Next" and select the privacy options you prefer and click "Next." Select the file type associations you prefer and click "Finish."
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • VCAST music software
    • PC
    • USB cable
    • VCAST compatible cell phone
    • Warning:
    • Do not ignore the Windows Media installation portion just because you may have a previous version. This software works best with the requirements indicated in the installation.

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