How to Install Wall Hanging Anchors

By Shane Grey

Learning to install wall anchors allows you to secure a broad range of hardware to hollow walls, including shelf brackets, coat hanger hooks and curtain rod hardware. Wall anchors enter a wall through a drilled hole and attach to the wall by gripping the sides of the hole or the interior of the wall cavity. With only novice-level skills and basic tools, you can install anchors for both decorative and practical home improvement projects.

List of Items Needed

  • Hanging hardware
  • Pencil
  • Handheld rotary tool with drill bit or drywall cutter accessory
  • Wall anchor
  • Screw
  • Screwdriver
  1. Position the hanging hardware, such as a coat hook or picture hanger, on the wall at the desired installation location. Place a pencil through the hardware's screw hole and make a mark on the wall at the center of the hole to indicate the position of the wall anchor.

  2. Fit either a drill bit accessory or a drywall cutter accessory to your handheld rotary tool, whichever is most appropriate to the diameter of the hole you wish to cut. The hole must allow the shank to enter the wall and the anchor's rim to butt against the wall.

  3. Cut into the wall at the pencil mark,, going through the wall until the rotary tool head enters the interior cavity. Insert a wall anchor into the hole. Press the wall anchor into the wall until the anchor's rim rests flush against the wall's surface.

  4. Align the hanging hardware's screw hole with the wall anchor's opening. Push a screw through the hardware and insert the tip into the anchor's opening. Twist the screw clockwise by hand to thread the tip into the anchor.

  5. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver until the screw's head pulls the hanging hardware flush against the wall.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wall anchors support varying loads. For example, plastic insert anchors generally support light loads, and toggle bolts support medium to heavy loads. Choose anchors according to the weight that the hanging hardware will bear.

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