Installing Bed Rails

Different types of bed rails and how to install them.

Moving your child from the safety of the crib to a regular bed can be a trying experience for both child and parent. A parent will often worry about the child's ability to stay in the bed while sleeping after being enclosed in a crib their entire life. Many parents will then install a bed rail onto the bed to ensure that their child will not fall out of bed.

There are many different types of bed rails that will install on almost any bed. Some parents choose to go with the toddler sized beds which will often come with a bed rail or two that are already a part of the bed frame. However, for some parents, a toddler bed is just not in the budget. The one major advantage of a toddler bed is its small size and ability to use the crib sized mattress. Some parents decide to bypass the toddler bed and go straight for a twin sized bed instead.

One of the easiest bed rails to install comes from several different companies. Safety First and Fisher Price are two of the many companies that make versions of this bed rail. This rail has a mesh covering in a plastic frame. There are two arms that fold out from the bottom of the rail that are simply placed beneath the mattress. These arms hold the rail in place and it doesn't involve making holes in the bed frame itself. One of the few downsides to this type of rail is that it is somewhat easy to remove from the bed.

Some of the above mentioned rails also come in versions where there are two rails. There is one for each side of the bed. These rails will often connect to each other with straps that go underneath the mattress. This will make the rails harder to remove as well, but will still not damage the frame.

Safe Sleeper makes a bed rail similar to the above that installs a little bit differently. Their rail is also a little taller for extra security. This rail has the two arms that extend out of the bottom beneath the mattress. Then a strap extends from these arms to the other side of the mattress with a small plastic anchor to keep the strap from being pulled back through. It makes the rail very steady.

Safety First also makes another variation on this type of bed rail. This rail attaches underneath the mattress like all the others (with the protruding arms), but there is one difference. The arms are longer and curve around the side of the mattress. The actual bed rail part rests on top of the mattress verses alongside of it like the other bed rails. This type eliminates the risk of the child becoming trapped between the rail and the mattress, something that some parents need to worry about.

Keeping your child safe and secure in his or her bed is very important. You can't be in your child's room keeping watch the whole night through. Installing a bed rail will not only give you as the parent some peace of mind, but it will also give the child confidence during this transitional period.

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