Installing Ceiling Tile: Replacing A Worn Or Damaged Ceiling Tile

a guide to installing ceiling tile

Have you looked at that damaged ceiling tile long enough? Have you used up all of the excuses you can contemplate in your imagination? When you kick back fully in your recliner do you look straight up at that particular tile? It is time. Yes, it is time. No more putting it off"¦ gather up your tools: a utility knife, pliers, putty knife, and a paint roller and let's go to work.

These tiles (acoustical ceiling tiles) can be blemished very easily, and in a recreation room especially so. Some rooms have very low ceilings and most anything could cause damage to the malleable tiles. Moisture can ruin the tiles or at the very least stain them. So don't feel too guilty: these things happen, and it is not your fault, however it is probably your destiny to fix it!

Remove the tile. If you have a suspended ceiling, the tile can be taken down with ease. The grid should be noticeable, and the tile can be simply pushed up, then removed. Purchase a tile to replace the damaged tile and re-insert.

You will get a bit more involved if you have the older type of ceiling tile, which is glued or sometimes stapled in place. Repairing one tile will be more difficult. Perhaps the tile is stained, correct the problem that caused the staining first, or your tile replacement will be continuous. Paint the tiles with a good sealer. Use a heavy napped roller to paint, using a good latex paint. You will most likely need to paint the entire ceiling to blend the color.

Remove the tile using a sharp utility knife. Cut into the seams of the tile. You may have to remove it in pieces, if it refuses to let loose. Keep the tiles surrounding in good shape so use care in removing the damaged one. Remove nails or staples left in the edges of the tiles bordering the one removed. Clean any dust or material left on the margins.

New tiles have an interlocking tongue, and they cannot be suspended without removing these "tongues." Rest the new piece on a flat surface and using a "sharp" knife cut away the tongues.

Apply adhesive using a putty knife, to the back of the replacement tile. Push it into the opening. Level the tile with the bordering tiles and hold in place until it sets. Paint as per instructions. Now step back and admire your finished project.

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