Installing Software for Dell Photo Printer 720

By Jason Gordon

  • Overview

    The Dell 720 photo printer is a single-function inkjet printer designed to handle normal printing tasks, as well as photo printing, at home. Besides keeping it stocked with paper and ink, installing the printer is the most difficult task.
    • Step 1

      Turn on your computer and let the operating system boot fully to the desktop.
    • Step 2

      Plug the USB cable from the Dell 720 Printer into one of your computer's empty USB slots. Turn on the printer by pressing the "Power" button (make sure the printer is plugged in).

    • Step 3

      Wait for the printer to warm up and the drivers to install on your computer. A screen should pop up telling you that the Dell 720 is installing. Follow the prompts and print a test page to see if the installation was successful.
    • Step 4

      Install the software manually if necessary. If nothing happens when you plug in the USB, you may need to install the driver manually with the included CD. You can also download the driver from the Dell Support website (follow the link in Resources).
    • Step 5

      Verify that the printer is installed correctly on Windows by clicking "Start -> Programs -> Dell Printers -> Dell Photo Printer 720."
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • USB Cable
    • Software CD
    • Tip: If you do not have the software CD, you can find the printer drivers and software on the Dell 720 support page (follow the link in Resources).

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