Installing A Telephone Extension Outlet

Instructions on how to install a telephone extension outlet with list of tools and materials needed as well as safety tips.

Installing a telephone extension outlet can be done easily and requires less time than one might think. Being able to do a simple job like this one is very self-rewarding and you can save a lot of money doing it yourself.

Before starting this and any other project, make sure to take all necessary measures to ensure your safety. Turn off the electrical power and, if possible, wear some type of protective eyewear. Gather your tools, consisting of a pair of wire strippers, a screwdriver, a drill, nallanbox, tape measure, and phone wire. Make sure that the phone wire is in accordance with and meets the jack's rules and regulations. Little physical effort is actually required to complete this job, but it is very important that you be patient and take your time. Follow these simple steps carefully and before you know it, you will have successfully installed your own telephone extension outlet.

If you will be working on a newly-constructed home, you will be amazed at how easily and quickly this job can be done. Once the location or locations is established, the rest is simple. To find your spot, take your tape measure and measure for the height of your box in which the phone wire will be going into. If it is in the bedroom or any other room where everything is standare height, it is important that you keep it the same height as well. Usually, if the location is in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or other outside areas, the height will tend to be different.

Continue by marking your height on one of the studs or both on either side. Take the nail-on box and place it against the stud where the mark is with heads of nails on the box. Facing away from the stud, hold in place with one hand and hammer in the nails with the other hand. Directly above or in the space where you have nailed your box is the place where you will be drilling to bring the phone wire into your nail-on box. Now that you have your box nailed up and your hole drilled above for easy access to your box, you are ready to run the phone wire. In most cases, your starting point will be somewhere in the same vicinity as your electrical breaker box. If it is different, contact your local phone company.

Situate your box or spool of wire at your starting point. Avoid struggling and just set up where wire will pull at will. Once you clear your first rafter the rest will be easier. The phone wire should pull rather easily. Make sure to take care not to snag or cut the wire.

You will also need a hole drilled above the starting point. When pulling the wire to your destination, keep the wire neatly in place away from other wires, (electrical, cable, antenna). If you choose to staple the wire in certain areas, do not hammer the staple completey in to avoid kinks or cuts in the wire. This could cut off reception at the phone jack. Simply drive the staple partially in, about half way, which will enable you to pull any needed slack without disturbing the route of the wire. Bring the wire down the hole over the box. There are two knockouts on the box -- left and right and top and bottom. Remove to enter the box. Leave enough to connect phone jack (six to ten inches).

Arrange the wire in the box so the wire will not pull out of the box while pulling back any slack toward the starting point. Pull the wire down the hole at the starting point. Where informed by and making accessible for the phone company, drill a hole in the wall. Leave enough wire for phone technician to make the connection. To be certain, check with phone company on how much to leave.

Notice that the phone jacks will have a color-coded setting of various types, depending on the brand and type. Most phone wire is color-coded; however, the colors on the phone wire itself may be different from the colors on the phone jack wires. If they are different, ask the phone technician -- when he or she comes out to install the part outside the house -- what colors he used. Whatever colors he uses should corrollate with the colors on the jacks. Simply follow suit with colors.

In addition, the phone jack will have for red green, yellow, and black. Basically only two of the colors are actually used -- red and green. If the wire that has been run has red and green, those two colors will go accordingly on the jack (green to green and red to red). If the wire has different colors, then a certain color will go on red and the other on green. The phone technician will let you know. After connecting the wires, simply screw the phone jack into the box.

Congratulations! If you followed these directions and instructions carefully, you should have successfully installed your new telephone extention outlet and saved money doing it yourself.

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