Instruction On French Braiding Your Hair

Learn the instructions on how to French braid your hair from reading this article.

Braiding one's hair has been a popular hairstyle method for people since the beginning of time. Men braided their long beards aswell as the hair on their head in the days of long ago. Nowadays, men and women alike often braid their long hair.This practice of hairstyle is especially popular in countries like Jamaica.

If you have long hair, braiding it is just one way you can fix your hair and make it look stylish. THere are several types of braiding techniques. One of the niftiest methods is called the French Braid. There are different variations to this type of braiding.

In order to French braid your hair, you must first comb your hair thoroughly. Make sure there are no snags or tangles in it and part it in the middle. Next, dampen your hair. Make sure to get all of your hair, all the way down to the tips of it, damp. Now, place your thumbs behind your ears. Put your thumbs up and back and firmly grab the hair at the crown of your head. You may go up a little higher if you want to start the braids a little higher up on your head. Now, you will need to use all of your fingers in this process. Divde the hair that you have gathered into three equal sections. You will start braiding your hair by creating a simple English braid. Cross the left section of hair over the center section of hair. Then, cross, the right section of hair over the center section of hair. Hold all of the hair sections firmly between your fingers, being careful not to let any one of them go. Pull the hair together as you braid it, but be careful not to pull the hair too tight as you can damage it. That, and the braided hair must be comfortable to the wearer.

The next step is to separate the hair you have left into three sections again. Using your thumb, pull up some strands of hair from behind your left ear. Add this hair to the left section of hair and cross this section over the center section. Now, cross the center section over to the left side. Now, keep holding the braided hair firmly while you use your thumbs to pull up some more strands of hair from behind your right ear. Add this hair to the right section of hair and cross it over to the center section. Now, cross the center section of hair over to the right side. Repeat these steps over and over and keep adding hair and crossing each section until there is no more hair left to braid.Finish you braid of hair by English braiding the very last portion of it, securing it with an elastic hair band, and you are done. Never use rubber bands in your hair as they can break your hair strands and cause frizzies. Or, after you have secured it, you may choose to tuck the end of the braid up and underneath the rest of the braid. You can keep it in place by using a hairpin. You can also decorate your new braid with hair bows, hair pins, ribbons, or other hair accessories.

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