Instructions for Refilling Epson TO69 Ink Cartridges

By Ryan Bauer

  • Overview

    You can refill an Epson TO69 ink cartridge in your own home using an inexpensive kit purchased from any store that sells inkjet cartridges. When compared to simply replacing the cartridge, recycling your empty TO69 cartridge can save you substantial amount of money, especially over the long term. This is a relatively simple cartridge to refill, and just about anyone can do it. From start to finish, the process usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. After you've done it the first time, future refills become easier. This process will require the use of an Epson digital chip resetter, which can be ordered over the Internet. Without this tool, the printer will still read the cartridge as empty and will refuse to print.
    Epson TO69 black ink cartridges are easily refilled.
    • Step 1

      Remove the cartridge from the printer. Open the cover; the cartridge will automatically center itself for removal. Lift up on the lever to free the cartridge from the holder and pull it out of the printer. Gently set it on your work surface. Though it is a good idea to put a protective barrier like a garbage bag over your work area, you should avoid setting this particular cartridge on a paper towel. The towel will slowly absorb the ink, and once this starts, the cartridge is designed to continue dispensing ink as if it were printing something.
    • Step 2

      Hold the cartridge upright, the way it sits in the printer, and examine the top of it. You will need to create a hole so the cartridge can be filled with ink. Locate this hole in the center of the cartridge top. The inkjet refill kit will include a small drilling device. Place its bit where you want the hole to be and turn it clockwise until it bites into the plastic. Continue turning, and it will drill a hole that is just the right size for the ink container's nozzle.

    • Step 3

      Remove the cap from the ink container and insert the tip of its nozzle into the cartridge's newly drilled hole. Gently squeeze on the ink container to dispense the ink. Stop often to check the ink level. Don't let the cartridge fill up too far, or it could slosh out of the top as it is moved back and forth inside the printer. When you are done filling the cartridge, replace the cap on the ink container and replace it in the box it came in.
    • Step 4

      Peel one of the adhesive stickers from the Epson ink refill kit. These are designed to plug the hole that was drilled, until the next time you need to fill it up. Place the sticker as close as possible to directly over the center of the hole, making sure it makes contact with the top of the cartridge on all four sides for a good seal. Rub your finger over it, applying pressure for several passes to make sure it seals properly.
    • Step 5

      Pass the digital Epson chip resetter over the side of the cartridge where the chip is located. After several seconds have passed, the light on the resetter will turn green, letting you know the process is complete. The cartridge has now been refilled, and you can replace it in the printer the same way it came out.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Black Epson inkjet refill kit
    • Epson digital-chip resetter
    • Tip: If you plan on refilling your cartridges often, consider purchasing bulk-size containers of ink via the Internet, so you don't have to buy a complete kit each time you run out of ink.
    • Warning:
    • Printer ink stains very easily, so be aware of what surfaces it might accidentally come in contact with.

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