Instructions On How To Tie Dye At Home

Learn how to tie dye at home! Anyone can create a unique one of a kind masterpiece! Just a few simple steps and your on your way to showing off your beautiful craft.

Tie-dye is a pattern of colors made by preventing the dye from reaching specified areas of the fabric. You determine the specified areas by folding, tieing or stitching the fabric. Rubber bands can be easily removed, therefore they are the prefered choice. Cotton fabric works best when tie-dying, make sure your fabric is at least 76% cotton for premium results.

Beginning with wet fabric, fold the fabric anyway you want. Add rubber bands at least an inch away from each other, the entire length of the garment. There are no definate "rules" when tieing, so be creative.

Apply the dye any way you want...squeeze bottles, eye droppers, paint brushes, etc.

Apply dye generously, use as many colors as you have available. Think about what colors will border each other. They do mix together and you want them to create a new color, not mud.

Once you have completed the dye application, you will need to lay out some plastic wrap. Make sure it is at least three inches longer, on each side, than the fabric you are working with. Lay your fabric on top of the plastic wrap, making sure it is centered. Wrap the plastic wrap around the fabric and fold up both ends. Put your wrapped fabric inside a freezer bag and put aside somewhere for at least twenty-four hours. The idea for this is to keep your fabric wet and chemically active.

Remove from freezer bag and plastic wrap. While the fabric is still tied, rinse off the excess dye under warm running water. Continue rinsing while you untie the rubber bands, until the water is almost clear. Squeeze out excess water. Be careful not to fold sides of fabric on top of each other, the dyes left will stain.

Pre-fill washing machine with hot, soapy water. Place your fabric in, individually and run through a full cycle. You would only want a few items in each load, the excess dyes can make the water muddy and stain your fabric. You need to wash fabric at least three times before wearing or washing with regular clothing to ensure All excess dye is removed.

You can purchase your dyes at your local craft store or even Wal-Mart. There is no need to purchase costly dyes specifically for tie-dying. Any fabric dye will work. The colors are brilliant and permanent.

Tip #1: Sprinkle pure dye powder onto tied and wet fabric for an awesome, super intense effect! Follow all the same directions as with using liquid dye, except go ahead and lay folded fabric ontop of the plastic wrap Before you sprinkle the dry pure dye powder onto the wet fabric.

Tip #2: Criss-cross your rubber bands like an "X" and create another unique effect! This looks really cool in the end! You will usually get a stitched look up and down the sides of a t-shirt done this way.

Tip #3: Using dental-floss, stitch a pattern( a heart, smiley face, ying-yang, maybe even a cross)through both sides of the fabric and then dye as normal...when all steps are complete remove dental floss for an ultra-retro effect! This is where your tie-dyes will take on a whole new look! Now compare your work to those expensive ones in the store.

Tip #4: Lay out your fabric on a smooth table top lined with plastic wrap. With this method you will want to have some sort of stencils available either hand-crafted or store bought. You will also want to have your dyes prepared in spray bottles. Place your stencils on your fabric and hold your spray bottles at least three to four inches away from the fabric. Spray generously but cautiously to ensure the dye does not run underneath the edge of the stencil. Then hand-scrunch the edges of your fabric and spray in the same manner. You can re-scrunch a sprayed area twice with a new color to create an even cooler effect. This method may take a few times to perfect...but reaps great rewards!

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