Interesting Facts About Japan

Learn some interesting facts about Japan by reading this informative article!

Japan is an Asian country that has many interesting facts concerning it. Did you know what Japan is the leading industrial state of Eastern Asia? Only the United States reproduces more than the country of Japan. This is quite an amazing feat seeing as how it had to rise up after the end of World War II when it found itself almost destroyed.

Did you know that it is considered quite rude to blow your nose in public?

Here are some more interesting facts about Japan:

The Japanese commonly refer to their country as Nihon Koku, Nippon Koku or Nihon or Nippon. These names translate to mean "The Sources of the Sun" or "Land of the Rising Sun."

The islands of Japan are actually the exposed tops of huge undersea ridges. These ridges rise up out of the Pacific Ocean. Because of this, more than eighty percent of the land is rugged mountains and hills.

Japan has numerous volcanoes, about two hundred, and many earthquakes. In fact, Japan has about three minor earthquakes every day of the year. Japan does have severe earthquakes too, such as the Great Kanto Earthquake that shook the country in 1923. This historic disaster demolished the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama and more than one hundred and twenty thousand lives were lost at that time. Japan is home to ten percent of the world's active volcanoes.

There is no need to send invitations to weddings, funerals, and the like as they are community events which are shared by all in Japanese villages. All of the village women prepare food and the entire village either mourns or congratulates the newly-wed couple.

A Japanese man is considered to be entering into the phase of old age by the time he reaches sixty years of age. This is commemorated with a special ceremony. The man wears a special red kimono. The red kimono means that he no longer has the responsibilities of being a mature adult.

Did you ever wonder why it is a Japanese custom to remove your shoes before entering a house or other building in Japan? This is because the floors are covered with straw mats which are called tatamis. In order to keep the tatamis clean for sitting upon, the Japanese take their shoes off.

Not only it is considered rude to blow your nose in public, but it is also considered rude to openly express your emotions in public. This is why a straight face showing absolutely no emotions is worn by most of the people in Japan. It is also unheard of to show any signs of affection in public.

Not only is it good manners to show someone respect, but their material possesions are respected and shown the same consideration in Japan. For example, your coat, shoes, etc., will be carefully hung up or set aside and probably even be brushed off by the time that you retrieve them.

When eating in this Asian country, forget what your mother taught you about having good manners and not slurping. It is Japanese custom to slurp while you eat foods such as soup. If you do not slurp, then your host will think that you do not like your food and will take offense.

One last item, and that is to be especially careful with how you hold your chopsticks. Never stick them upright into your bowl of rice or other food as this is an old Japanese custom for offering food, especially rice, to the dead.

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