Interior Decorating Ideas: Decorating With Hurricane Lamps

Decorating with hurricane lamps is easy and festive, and versatile.

Hurricane Lamps are a simple decorating piece that you can do a lot with, depending on the make-up of the lamp. They can help you create a particular feel in any room, as well as be an interesting conversation piece.

They can stand alone or be part of a display. To create a beachy feel, find a large hurricane lamp made of metal. Fill it with colored glass or marbles and put a large pillar candle in the middle. Make it a centerpiece for your table. This type of lamp can also be the centerpiece for an outdoor celebration.

During the winter months, you can make the lamp a little more festive by decorating it with holly and berries and switching out the marbles or sea glass for darker, richer colors.

In the fall or spring, put in clear marbles and a scented pillar candle for that specific season. Also place colored changing leaves and pine cones for fall; or for spring, light pastel flowers and buds can go around the base.

Another decorative option is to choose a glass hurricane lamp. These come in transparent, misted glass, or luminescent. Put a candle inside and let it be a nice candleholder, or if large enough, a centerpiece for a table or as dim atmosphere lighting for a room.

If you choose a plain glass or transparent hurricane, a good option would be some decorative etchings or decals. You can find these at most craft stores. They are usually stick-on, and just add something a little extra. It also is good because it will take away from the harshness of the flame when you look at it. If you opt for the misted glass, though lovely to look at, it will dim the bright effect of the flame. The perfect glass would be one dark in color, with a pearly-luminescent cast to it. This will illuminate the flame as well as give off a nice sheen.

An easy-to-make seasonal decoration would be to take patterned or decorative rice paper, and cut it the length of the hurricane and wide enough to fit around the lamp. Secure the overlap in place with double stick tape. Now you have a cylinder-shaped candleholder. You can decorate the rice paper with different seasonal shapes, pre-cut from paper and affix them with double stick tape. Change the designs and colors of the rice paper as the seasons themselves, change. This is great because you can keep the same lamp out year-round and just decorate it as need be. Instead of putting it away with each passing season, just redecorate it.

Another thing to keep in mind with candles that will make clean-up easier is to put a base or small candleholder in the bottom of the hurricane lamp. As the candle melts, it will melt into the small holder instead of creating a hard-to-clean-up mess inside the lamp.

Decorating with hurricane lamps is easy and pretty. It also provides a nice light if you are just watching television, a movie or would like to dine by candlelight.

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