What Are Some Interior Decorating Ideas For The Living Room?

What are some interior decorating ideas for the living room? Some great tips on decorating the living room is using color and placing furniture in the proper location. The living room can be a central area...

The living room can be a central area where the whole family comes together and where guests sit when they come to visit. Therefore, it can be a very important room when decorating your home. Due to the fact that the living room is often the first room one sees when entering a home, many people begin decorating their home starting with the living room.

Kathy Dodson, award-winning interior decorator and owner of Decorating Dens, strongly recommends using color in your living room. "You should get rid of all the white in your living room. Everybody needs to warm up their rooms with color." Dodson says that she likes to pick a backdrop of a color that ties everything together. This can be the paint or the floor color. She says that you should pick your background colors first and then you should start planning to build more off of the color theme from there.

Dodson says that another key in decorating the living room is furniture placement. "People generally need some help with thinking about different ways of placement. Usually, people kind of want to put the sofa against the wall, their two chairs together, and put an ornament on the middle of the table." While this can be a traditional form of living room furniture placement, this is not always how the living room has to be arranged.

When arranging your furniture, there are several things to consider. Dodson says that it is important to think about traffic flow in a living room because there are usually several doorways into the main living area. "So you have to think constantly about your traffic flow, and you should never put a piece of furniture in the pathway."

Just because you do not want to block any walkways, however, it does not mean that you must leave all of your furniture hugging the walls. In fact, Dodson recommends pulling some of your furniture away from the walls. "You can bring the furniture in by making it closer together and tighter." She says that when the furniture is placed more closely together, it creates a more cohesive furniture arrangement. "Ultimately, it is easier to sit and have a conversation with somebody [when the furniture is arranged in this manner]."

Dodson also recommends thinking about what the purpose is for the room prior to decorating it or arranging the furniture. She says she always considers these factors when beginning the decorating plan. Some things to consider are how many people actually use the room and what is going to make the room a comfortable place in which to sit and socialize. Once you begin to analyze how you will use the room, it will help your design plan to come together and possibly help you to determine the focal point for the room.

All of these are factors to consider in the early stages of coming up with your living room design plan. Once you realize what your priorities are and what you ultimately want to be able to do with the room, it should help you to create a useful, yet beautiful room that your entire family can enjoy.

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