Interior Decorating Tips: Hiding And Masking Ugly Appliances

Use these creative ideas and instructions for hiding and masking ugly old appliances. Included are directions for covering dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators.

Old appliances are often discarded because they become scratched, dented, or they simply become old and tired in appearance. It's not surprising that appliances are just as trendy as fashions. New colors come and go, as well as new styles. What was considered vogue decades ago just doesn't look fashionable in the modern home.

Although old appliances have usually lost their luster and appeal, they are often operating just as they did when they were new. Appliance repair people will tell you, the products of yesteryear are often much sturdier and possess a higher quality than most of the appliances available in today's market. Your mother's old appliances may have lasted beyond twenty-five years, but appliances manufactured today don't seem to make it far beyond the age of ten.

New appliances are now sold with the option to buy extended warranties. These warranties were not offered decades ago because they weren't necessary. Appliances were once made to last. Don't get rid of your old appliances. Consider giving them a facelift using the following easy methods. You'll have the look of a brand new appliance and the quality from days gone by.

One option for updating old kitchen appliances is by resurfacing them with veneer panels. Many cabinet manufacturers offer custom appliance veneers to match kitchen cabinets. This is a viable option if you plan on replacing your kitchen cabinets, but this isn't an option for everyone. Matching existing kitchen cabinets would be very difficult at best.

For those who want a new look for their appliance with little cost, appliance paint is a good option. Don't use just any type of paint to cover old appliances. Stoves must be coated with heat resistant paint, and other appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers require special paint as well. These specialty paints are available in most home improvement stores and large discount retailers that sell paint. If you try using other types of paint on appliances, you will no doubt end up having to replace them.

To paint an old refrigerator you will need masking tape, a drop cloth, and appliance epoxy. Begin by washing the areas to be painted with soap and water. Be sure to dry them thoroughly. Remove the refrigerator handle if possible, and use masking tape to cover any parts you don't want to paint. Make sure you have adequate ventilation, and begin painting the appliance using an even sweeping motion. Be careful not to apply the paint too heavily. If it requires a second coat, allow the first coat to dry completely before continuing. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before removing the masking tape and reinstalling the handle. Use mild soap and water to clean the surface when it becomes necessary.

Another way to turn your old refrigerator or dishwasher into a work of art is by covering the doors with decorative magnetic sheets. You will need enough 8 by 10-inch magnetic sheets to cover the doors of your appliance, craft scissors, spray-on adhesive, color-coordinating contact paper, and vinyl wallpaper with graphics of your choice. Begin by carefully cutting out graphics from rolls of washable wallpaper. Next, cover the magnetic sheets with colored contact paper, and trim the edges if necessary. Spray adhesive on the colored magnetic sheets. Carefully arrange the graphics, and press them into place. This is a fun and easy way to mask the appearance of an old refrigerator or dishwasher. You can use this creative method to give your old appliance a new look every day of the week.

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