What Are Some Interior Decorating Tips For The Kitchen?

What are some interior decorating tips for the kitchen? Use a lot of color and be creative in the kitchen when decorating. The kitchen is a place where many families spend time together. It is also the room...

The kitchen is a place where many families spend time together. It is also the room where people tend to gravitate during a party or get-together. Since the kitchen can be such a focal point, it is important to include it in your home decorating plans.

Kathy Dodson, award-winning interior decorator and owner of Decorating Dens, thinks that a kitchen

is a room where people should have fun. "I think using lots of color is a great idea." The use of certain colors can promote happy emotions and provide a positive atmosphere for eating.

Dodson says that you should do simple things to decorate your kitchen so that you do not overbear the room. "I think one mistake people make in the kitchen is they have too much stuff. That can get tiring very quickly. You could have started with a theme of chickens, olives, grapes, or frogs, and then it gets too much." Once people realize what your theme is, they start to give you gifts that relate to that particular theme. Dodson says that before you know it, you are then inundated with frogs or whatever relates to your original theme. She suggests that you should instead use several different things that you like rather than trying to go along with just one theme.

Dodson warns that you should try to avoid overcrowding. Too many decorations can get in the way and make cooking difficult. When you use your decorations sparingly, it looks good and provides for a functional working area.

Dodson says she also sees many kitchens that have balance issues. "People tend to hang everything too low. They will put a border around the top, and then they will cramp stuff up underneath their cabinets. It brings their ceiling down. It makes the ceilings in the kitchen look lower." Instead, she suggests doing whatever you can to extend the height. One way is to avoid using a wallpaper border that draws attention to the line that stops the wall. "Move your balance up as high as you can." If you can take color on your walls that continue on up to your ceilings, you won't have a line there. This will extend the wall, and it will round out the room. You can have height in the room and soften that line.

She also suggests that you get as much light in your kitchen as possible. Light can really help to open up the room and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere.

When decorating the area between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, Dodson has a suggestion. "If you only have a foot of space up there, don't cramp up too much stuff above your cabinet. Put one or two small things, and then you can club them together."

These ideas can help you to create a kitchen that is inviting, as well as functional. Bringing in your own personal style while keeping these suggestions in mind should help to create a kitchen that will be enjoyed by you, your friends and your family.

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