Interior Decorating: Tips For Using Leaded Glass

Leaded glass has made a comeback recently, and the market is full of these products. They can embellish everything from your kitchen cabinets to your front gate.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed custom leaded glass screens to embellish his renowned architecture a century ago. Today, leaded glass is making a comeback in home decorating. The colorful, lighted accents add to any room. Here are some ways to use leaded glass in your home.

1. Leaded glass screens. These screens, popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright resemble Japanese screens in function. They can divide spaces within a room or serve as a backdrop for a piece of furniture. The beauty of these screens is in the light that comes through the beautiful geometric shapes and colors. Unlike paper screens, leaded glass screens provide a colorful luminescence to a room, adding dimension and light. You can use them as you would a mirror, to reflect light from across the room and brighten a dark spot. If your room doesn't have many windows, you could put a can light on the floor behind it to show off its beautiful colors.

2. Lampshades. Tiffany & Co. brought leaded glass lampshades to the forefront. After a relapse in popularity, these lampshades are now back in force. You'll find them in hanging lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, even small shades for chandeliers. Like the glass screens, leaded glass lamp shades add color and shape to a room, making wonderful accents and focal points.

3. Bookcase doors. Leaded glass in bookcase doors lend an old-fashioned feeling to a room. Doors for existing bookcases can be custom-made and installed. Brave do-it-yourselfers can find instructions on how to make leaded panels that can be inserted into doors.

4. Cabinet door accents. Like bookcase doors, cabinet doors can really get a facelift from leaded glass panels. These panels can be made in many designs to give a kitchen a Craftsman look, a Tudor style, and many others.

5. Terrariums. Leaded glass terrariums make a wonderful accent for a coffee table or desk. They can be filled with plants or even with candles.

6. Hanging panels. If you aren't ready to tear out windows in your home to replace them with leaded glass windows, you can simply hang a leaded glass panel in front of your existing windows. These window panels look wonderful in windows where you need some privacy but don't want to hang curtains or blinds. They add design and maybe even color where none existed before. These are also helpful in windows where the sun shines too brightly. The lead and beveled glass refracts the sun's rays and softens the light.

7. Fireplace screens. Leaded glass fireplace screens can turn a fire into something magical, the flames appearing in every piece of glass. These heavy, decorative screens can be a beautiful focal point in a room.

8. Leaded glass gates. These are not for homeowners with small children, but what could be more inviting than a leaded glass gate? These can be custom ordered with wood frames, ready to install when it arrives at your door.

This is not by any means a comprehensive list of all the leaded glass home accents available. And, as with any creative art, there probably is no such thing as a comprehensive list because artists are continually creating more uses for this beautiful art form.

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