Interior Design: Classic Gossamer Decorating Ideas

Gossamer makes for a great interior decoration material. Use it to spruce up your lampshade, create a unique window treatment, or design your own party tablecloth.

Gossamer is an excellent material to use for decorating around the home and for parties. The lightweight, transparent material allows light to pass through it, which creates a stunning glow. Gossamer is thin and versatile, and there are several ways to incorporate it into your interior design scheme. This wonderful non-woven fabric can be found in a wide array of colors, patterns, and sizes. You should be able to locate it at your local craft store. Here are some ideas for decorating with gossamer:


Gossamer makes for a wonderful lampshade material because it transmits light so well. If you want to spruce up a boring lamp in your home, gossamer is the way to go. First off, decide how large you want the lampshade to be. Next, decide on a shade for your shade. Use wire cutters to create a frame for the shade that you will drape your gossamer onto. Always construct the frame before cutting the gossamer so that you don't wind up with fabric that doesn't quite fit. By building the frame first, you will be able to fit the gossamer directly over it so that you have optimal precision. Once you have formed your wire frame, you can begin to cut your gossamer material. Fit the gossamer over the shade so that it is taut, and hold it in place with durable fabric glue. After the glue has dried, you can finish off the shade by adding rhinestone decals or beads around the top and bottom perimeters of the shade, or you could use any other decorative accent, such as tassels, ribbon, or lace. To make your lampshade even more detailed, cut shapes out of your gossamer before you fit it over the wire frame, and then mount a second piece of gossamer over that piece. When you turn the lamp on, light will shine through the shapes that you cut out - it is a great effect. You could also use different colored gossamer for the top and bottom layers.


Use gossamer to give your windows a designer look that nobody else in your neighborhood will have. First, purchase an inexpensive curtain rod from a home improvement store. Follow the instructions to affix the curtain rod to your wall. Measure the length and width of your window, and buy three pieces of gossamer that are at least four feet larger than the dimensions of the window. Line up the three pieces of fabric side-by-side on the floor, and then very loosely braid them together. Sew the ends together, and then wrap the braided gossamer around the curtain rod. Sew feathers or artificial flower petals onto the braided window treatment if desired to dress up this look.


If you want to decorate for a party with a special tablecloth, gossamer is the perfect material. Find some white or off-white gossamer, and cut it to the size that you want your tablecloth to be. This will be your top piece. Cut another piece of gossamer to the same size as the white piece - this piece can be any color that you desire, or it can also be white. This will be your bottom piece. Cover your table with the bottom piece of gossamer. Next, lay decorative accents on top of the bottom piece, such as real or artificial flower petals, glitter, buttons, ribbons, photographs, illustrations, rhinestones, or vines. Once you have laid out your decorative accents, lay the top piece over the table. Since gossamer is transparent (especially white gossamer) you will be able to see the decorative accents underneath the top gossamer sheath. Your guests are sure to be impressed.

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