Interior Design: Create An Angel Themed Bedroom

Ideas for creating an angel themed bedroom.

Create an angel themed bedroom for your little angel using some of these ideas.

1. Paint a large mural of a praying angel on your wall. Using an angel drawing that has been traced onto a transparency film, project the image onto your wall and trace it. Then color the mural with paints the same way you would color a picture with crayons. You can find simple "˜praying angel' pictures on internet using the words "angel coloring pages" in your search engine. You should be able to rent an overhead projector from your local library, party supply store, or hardware store. Otherwise, find someone to borrow the projector from or purchase an inexpensive one. It will still cost far less than hiring an artist to do a mural, and you can sell the projector when you are done with it.

2. Paint a trio of singing angels. Paint three overlapping triangles on the wall and add three circles at the top point of each triangle. Add wings and you have three angels. Make simple arch shapes for the eyes and circles for the mouths. Simply paint them in one color like gold or white.

3. Purchase angel wallpaper. Angel wallpaper comes in many styles and patterns from the Old Masters style renditions, to African American baby angels to Precious Moments. Use the angel wallpaper and border of your choice to decorate the entire room. Use it to make lampshades, to border the walls, and to line shelves. You can also cut out the images separately to add randomly to the wall or to create a mural-like scene.

4. Make an angel collage on the ceiling. Paint the ceiling and upper 18 inches of the walls in sky blue and add clouds around the edges, and well as randomly on the ceiling. Cut the angels out from your angel wallpaper and position them amongst your clouds.

5. Purchase angel figurines. There is a multitude of angel figurines available in retail stores. If you go to your nearest gift store, you will have a hard time deciding which ones to choose. In addition, there are a great many angel figurines available at your local dollar store. By purchasing a combination of both expensive and inexpensive items, you can amass a large collection and they will all appear to be valuable when placed together. You can display you collection in a curio stand purchased for the room, or on a series of display shelves. You can make an entire wall of angel figurines by installing shelf sconces in a pattern on the wall, and placing a figuring on each one.

6. Add stone statues or fountains featuring angels to the room. A wall-mounted waterfall would be a nice touch.

7. Coordinate your angel décor with light and airy fabric. Gossamer, light muslin and gauze are great fabrics to use for your window treatments and bed canopy. Add gold trim such as tassels, tiebacks, and picture ropes. Use lace, eyelet, and white down comforters for your bedding. (Avoid using down bedding for babies.

8. Stencil a prayer or bible verse about angels on the walls and hang angel plagues on ribbons around the room.

This is a bedroom theme that will evolve over time as you collect more and more angel trinkets and wall hangings. You should start with a mural or a couple of wall hangings and lightweight fabric. Then have your friends and families help you collect items for the room. This way each "angel" purchased for the room is also a gift from a loved one.

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