Interior Design: Creating A Hawaiian Bedroom

Enjoy a mini vacation every day by creating a Hawaiian themed bedroom.

Enjoy a mini vacation every day by creating a Hawaiian themed bedroom. Here are some tips you can use.

Keep the walls of your Hawaiian themed room soft and relaxing while adding texture. Install a grass cloth or other textured wallpaper to your walls, which you can leave the natural color, or paint in any color you choose. Another alternative is to paint a faux treatment on your walls resembling a woven texture.

Flooring: For your flooring, bring in more texture by installing commercial carpet on your floor. There are a great many designs available. You can find patterns that resemble a beautiful wool sweater, or has either bold or subtle colors or patterns. The reason you will want to choose a commercial carpet for this treatments is that the weave is much tighter than traditional carpet and it adds more texture to the floor. You can also choose a sisal floor covering, which would give you a natural look and feel, but commercial carpet is a softer alternative. On top of your commercial carpet, add flower shaped throw rugs.

Hawaii is well known for its fabric with bold floral prints. The flower you will see used the most is the hibiscus. Prints of this and other flowers are available in a multitude of color combinations from red and black to green and purple to earth tones. Different leaf motifs are also popular. These are great fabrics to use for your bedding and window treatments. The key to using these bold fabrics is to pick a fabric and stick with that as the only Hawaiian pattern in the room. Combine it with solid color fabrics with varying textures that coordinate.

Furniture: Furniture for your Hawaiian bedroom should be lightweight and simple with clean lines. To make a unique headboard for your room, nail bamboo reeds of varying heights to a piece of plywood. Use the same bamboo reeds to hang your window treatments. For extra seating in the bedroom, use wicker patio furniture.

Choose landscapes of the sunrise and still life studies of flowers when purchasing wall art for your Hawaiian bedroom. A creative wall treatment you can make is to simply staple a piece of Hawaiian fabric to a picture frame. You can also mount several surfboards to your wall for instant wall art. Petroglyph Art, an ancient form of carved art is available in prints and is a nice accent to add to your Hawaiian themed bedroom.

Accessories: The first image that comes to mind when thinking about Hawaii is a palm tree. Similar to the palm tree is the pineapple, which is the symbol of welcome. Use these two elements in your room design sparingly. If the bedroom were being designed for a child, a mural of palm trees and sandy beaches would be appropriate. If the room were for an adult, a palm tree shaped lamp and pineapple candles would add a whimsical touch. Another item that immediately comes to mind when one thinks about Hawaii is tiki carvings. These carvings resemble totem poles and they are available in many styles all over the internet. You can use a tiki mug to hold your toothbrushes, or pens and pencils. You can display a collection of tiki carvings on a shelf, or you can turn them into lamps.

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