Interior Design: Creating A Navy Themed Bedroom

Design a Navy themed bedroom to celebrate American Pride.

If you have a love for all things Navy, (not the color, but the branch of the United States Military) then a Navy themed bedroom would be a great match for you. Not only will the room celebrate the personality and love of the occupant, but also will be a great display of American pride. Here are some ideas you can use in your Navy themed bedroom.

In choosing colors to decorate your Navy bedroom, use the color scheme most dominant in the Navy and its uniforms. Therefore, your room colors should be navy blue and white with gold accents, with a touch of red.

Paint your walls in a crisp white color. Then add a detail with blue paint like a pinstripe or painted chair rail. On an accent wall, paint a large anchor in gold, or a mural of the American Flag. If you like dark colors, you can paint the walls blue and add white trim or details as well.

For the flooring in your Navy themed bedroom, wood floors would be appropriate. If you are brave, you can give your wood floors a white washed effect and possibly paint a blue border. If you would like something less drastic, you can paint a floor cloth in blue and white checks or with a Navy insignia. If you prefer a traditional carpet, you can purchase a neutral beige color or dark blue. Do not purchase a dark blue carpet however if you have pets with white hair, as it would be nearly impossible to keep clean.

Purchase simple tab top blue curtain panels and hand on a white painted curtain rod. Then wrap rope loosely along the curtain rod for additional interest. Purchase mini toy anchors and attach them to your curtain tiebacks. Purchase navy comforters and white sheets. Add gold cording to the comforter and pillow shams. Sew a large anchor shape in gold, possibly made out of felt, onto the comforter as well. For less gimmicky bedding, purchase a classy plaid fabric in shades of blue with a small amount of gold or red. Use the same fabric to make a window treatment topper.

For your bedroom furniture, Navy barrack bunk beds are right in line the bunk beds and loft beds that can be purchased in any kid's furniture store. If the room's occupant has outgrown bunk beds, then a captain's bed would be a nice touch. Dressers and other furniture should be built in if possible and have clean lines. Look for simple and modern pieces made of wood and metal.

To accessorize the room, fill it with Navy souvenirs and collectables like white sailor hats, cups, stickers, and vintage recruitment posters. Display models of ships around the room, and wall hangings of historic ships providing information about each ship.

If you are looking for a specific theme for your room, design it around submarines and torpedoes, The United States Flag and Americana items, the history of naval ships, or the story of one particular ship or battle.

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