Interior Design Ideas: Brightly Colored Modern Cornice Boards

modern and vibrant ideas for you to try that will give your room an extra "wow" effect

While having traditional cornice boards topping your windows can be nice elegant touch, they can also be boring and expected. Here are some modern and vibrant ideas for you to try that will give your room an extra "wow" effect.

Interesting shapes: Instead of the simple box shaped cornice board, try cutting the face of the board into an interesting shape. This would work especially well for a child's room where you can make the cornice into the shape of a car or a bunch of balloons. You can also create a crown shaped cornice on which you would add jewels. You can also cut the cornice board into an abstract shape to match artwork in the room. Alternatively, you can take a simple cornice board and carve a logo or initials into the center. If you still prefer a simple, classic style in your window topper, you can make a single continuous cornice board that goes all the way around the room.

A work of art: You can take a traditional, or theme shaped cornice made out of MDF and paint it just as you would paint on a canvass. You can do a random design with a splatter paint technique using the colors in the room. You can paint details onto the theme shaped cornice such as painting the balloons on your balloon-shaped cornice in different colors and adding brightly colored ribbons that hang from the design to mimic strings. You can even paint a landscape scene on your cornice board complete with a snow covered lake and deer.

Give it a theme: In a theme-designed room, you should design the cornice board to coordinate with the. You can install an ornamental carved arch in an East Indian theme room or add brightly colored masks to them in an African themed room. You can even use a miniature picket fence as the cornice board in a garden themed room.

Cover it: You can use fabric to add color and interest to your cornice boards. In addition to using bold patterns and colors on your cornice board, you can make it more interesting with unexpected materials. You can sew odd shaped, brightly colored fabric together the same way you would sew a quilt face. You can glue on belts or rope on to completely cover the cornice. You also create a basket weave design with ribbon or strips of fabric.

Make it work: You can make your cornice boards beautiful and functional by adding brightly painted drawer knobs to the front of the cornice and hanging tab top or ribbon top curtains from them. You can also have the cornice double as a shelf above the window and display interesting collections there. You can cover or paint the cornice in a design to coordinate the collection. For example, a ceramic cat collection could sit on top of a cornice covered in a cat print fabric.

So pick your favorite colors, fabrics, and found objects and make your cornice board unique. Here are some other ideas you can try:

* Paint a simple wooden cornice any solid color then add a decorative metal grate painted in a contrasted color to the front.

* Stencil your cornice board in a bold geometric print

* Add mirrors to the front of your cornice board to magnify the light and colors in the room.

* Install tiles on the front on your cornice board. You can do a classic pattern or a mosaic.

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