Interior Design: Make The Most Of A Small Bedroom

Getting everything a person needs in a small bedroom can be difficult, and the results can often be cramped and unsettling.

From time to time, one has to make due with a small bedroom. Getting everything a person needs in such a bedroom can be difficult, and the results can often be cramped and unsettling. Here are some tips you can use to make the most of a small bedroom.

Furniture: Furniture choice is very important when it comes to designing a small bedroom. Asian and Swedish cultures have been living in cramped spaces for centuries and have mastered the art of close living. Therefore, when purchasing furniture for small rooms, you should look toward Asian and Swedish designs. The futon is one invention that has come out of these cultures. The futon is an attractive piece of furniture that easily converts from a sofa into a bed. There are many styles available, from the economical to the luxurious. By having a futon in your small bedroom, you can have more space to move around during the say, while still having plenty of space to sleep at night. For children and young adults you can take your queue from Chinese and Japanese hotel bunks and purchase a loft bed that will allow you to have space to move around under your bed. Many loft beds are built with a desk and dresser underneath.

Furniture arrangement is also very important. Instead of putting a bed in the center of the floor, you may want to try putting one side up against the wall, even if means one person may have a slightly harder time climbing into and out of the bed. Another option is the have the bed extend from the corner of the room. While this might seem like a waste of space, keep it in mind that this bed position frees up more wall space, but also, can eliminate the need for nightstands. Instead of nightstands, you can build a table top/nightstand that fits into the corner behind the bed.

Creative storage: Eliminate clutter to give the room a more spacious feel. This can best be done by being creative with storage spaces. Use every square inch of your closet by installing a closet system. Also, instead of standard dressers and armoires, use modular and built in furniture to make the most of the space you have available. Make use of the very top of the closet, and have storage furniture extend to the ceiling even if it means you will need a stepladder to access your things.

Design themes: Several design themes lend themselves well to small spaces. You can design the bedroom interior to resemble the inside of a sleeping car with built in bunks and cabinetry. You can also make the room reminiscent of a houseboat by creating a nautical theme and crisp colors like white and navy blue. In addition, a fun d├ęcor option for a small room for kids is to make it resemble the inside of a circus tent. All you have to do is paint circus animals and characters on the walls and drape fabric from the center of the ceiling to the edges.

Add visual space: Once you have situated your furniture, purchased appropriate sized pieces and planned for optimal storage, you may want to take extra measure to increase the size of your room. Though this may not be possible to accomplish physically, it is possible to increase the size of the room visually. Choosing light paint colors will make the room appear larger. Use of mirrors can also make a room look more spacious. In addition, you can use visual tricks like choosing furniture you can see under, purchasing smaller scaled furniture.

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