About Free Internet Fax Software

By Tameka McSpadden

  • Overview

    Whether you are job hunting or contacting a local business, the ability to send faxes can increase your productivity and results. Learning how to find and use free Internet fax software can help you benefit from having a fax service without purchasing expensive equipment. If you have been using faxing services at stores and other businesses, using free Internet faxing will help avoid per page fees while helping you save gas.
    • Step 1

      Check your computer to make sure your hard drive has enough free space for a new software program. Most free Internet software programs are very small and require only a small amount of disk space. However, if you are a person that is constantly downloading new programs, you may have less free space than you realize. When you are done checking your computer for disk space, also run a virus scan using your favorite anti-virus and/or spyware programs. This will help avoid installation problems that can occur when your system has a virus or Trojan that you are not aware of. It will also help you track the source of any virus that might occur after you start trying free Internet fax services.
    • Step 2

      Start searching for free Internet fax software programs that require no payment information. Also look for free Internet faxing software that requires no installation which can be used directly from a web browser. One service that requires no upfront payment, requests no billing information and requires no downloads or installations is Fax Zero (see Resources). Always search for reviews and feedback on free Internet fax software before you begin installation. This will help you avoid wasting time on software that does not perform. If you are having a difficult time finding reviews, try contacting the company directly and track response times.

    • Step 3

      Sign up for the free Internet fax software your choice. The sign up process should be extremely basic and ask for only a name, email address, and sometimes a phone number or address. Avoid any service that is requesting any credit card or billing information. This could lead unexpected charges in the future. Be sure to use a valid email address to avoid account activation problems.
    • Step 4

      Read all available directions and ask questions about anything you are unsure of before attempting to send a fax. Different free Internet fax software packages only allow the use of certain file formats. Failure to read the software's directions and convert your fax into acceptable formats could result in your fax failing or being received in an unreadable format.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Computer free disk space
    • Reliable Internet connection
    • Anti-virus program
    • Tip: Only download software from trusted sites.
    • Tip: Run anti-virus and spyware checks after uploading any new program.

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